Can’t Win Chapter 1245

Can’t Win Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245 

Jonah had a feeling of impending doom. He stepped forward to disarm Liam swiftly. 

Originally, disarming Liam should have been impossible since he was a colonel with outstanding skills. 

However, Jonah covered the muzzle with his hand. 

Fearing that the gun might go off accidentally, Liam had to let go. 

“Jonah, if you truly care about Lyse, you shouldn’t have stopped me!” With bloodshot eyes, Liam stared at Jasper, who was ready to die. If his eyes were daggers, Liam would’ve killed Jasper. 

This statement was quite harsh. When it came from the usually gentle Liam, its impact was doubled 

However, Jonah didn’t blame him. 

It might be better if the anger could be vented in this way. Otherwise, he didn’t know what horrific things his brothers might do. 

“Liam, I care about Lyse. But I also care about you, Silas, and Axel. grew up together. Which one of you do I not care about and love? 

“I just don’t want you to ruin your lives for this guy. If you guys vented your anger this way, what about Lyse? Can you face Mom and Dad?” 

Mentioning their mother caused both brothers to feel a surge of intense bitterness, moistening their eyes. 

“You finally came home for a while. We all missed you. Lyse would be very happy to see you.” 

Jonah closed his eyes and took a deep breath to suppress the pain in his heart. “Lyse asked us to let this matter go. She doesn’t want to 

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making her live in the pain of losing a child.” 

The pain of losing a child… 

It was the pain of losing a child! 2 

Jasper was gasping for breath as if on the verge of death-the tears 

in his reddened eyes were washed away by the cold rain. 

If their child were still alive, they would be three years old. 

What had he done? What had he done? 

“The rain is too heavy, and you’ve had a long trip. You might get sick if you stay in the rain any longer. Let’s go inside.” 

Jonah grabbed Liam’s arm, pulling him toward the gate. 

“Jonah…” Jasper felt like he had suffered a severe injury. He lowered his broad shoulders. His trembling lips quivered as he said, “Please let me… see Lyse one more time…” 

“Dream on!” Liam erupted in anger, struggling forward with his body full of hatred. 

Seeing that, Jonah hugged him tightly. 

“Jasper! Get out of here right now! Don’t dirty our place. And don’t let me see you again! Otherwise, I’ll definitely kill you! Get lost!” 

“Jonah … Let me see Lyse.” 

Jasper’s eyes were full of pain, but there was no trace of retreat. He was so obstinate. It was as if he wouldn’t frown even if the sky had fallen. “The things back then, our child… There are many things! 

want her to explain to me…” 

“Jasper, Lyse said she doesn’t care about those things anymore. They’re all in the past.” 

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Jonah’s eyes were deep, and his voice was hoarse. “You guys, don’t be trapped in the pain of the past anymore. Look forward. Go back, and don’t come again.” 

Just as the two brothers turned around, they suddenly froze in place. 


Winston, who had been standing under Silas’ umbrella, suddenly 

stepped into the pouring rain. His face was pale as he approached Jasper. 

The pressure was getting lower, and the chilling air emanating from Winston almost froze the raindrops falling from the sky into ice crystals. 

Jasper watched helplessly as Winston walked toward him with an expressionless face. 

He parted his pale lips as if wanting to say something. But in front of the father of the woman he loved the most, he couldn’t let a word out of his throat. 

The next second, Jasper suddenly felt a fiery pain on his cheek. Winston had ruthlessly punched him in the face! 

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