Can’t Win Chapter 1162

Can’t Win Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 

Sophia’s scandal at the horseracing event had single-handedly thrown the Beckett Group into disarray. Newton, at the top of the chain of command, confronted Javier with an ultimatum. He wanted Sophia to rot in prison and had no qualms to disown Javier should the latter attempt to intervene. 

Alas, Javier held a different opinion. He would be dragged by the netizens sooner or later if he sat back and watched as Sophia was canceled. They would surely criticize him for being a cold-blooded capitalist who treated his wife like a pawn in a game of chess. 

He was tired of being laughed at and mocked. In the past, he had an arranged marriage with the daughter of the Duttons, which did not work out. Later, rumors had it that he mistreated Anne Bartley, who killed herself due to depression. Now, his wife, Sophia, was put behind bars for drug offenses. 

He did not want the ill fates of his women to become fodder for 

gossip. To protect his image, he could not sit back as Sophia was 

branded a criminal. 

Never had he expected that Jasper would convene a meeting with the upper management of Beckett Group without his approval as the chairman. Not only that, Jasper had officially stripped Sophia of her role as executive director. 

Upon arriving, Javier faced a silent room of departing managers who greeted him respectfully. 

Javier thundered, “Jasper, you owe me an explanation. How dare you hold a meeting with the upper management without my approval?” 

Jasper dismissed his concern, saying, “That was just a routine affair- a daily meeting.” He leaned into the chair and slowly fidgeted with the 

president to preside over daily meetings. So, why are you angry?” 

“You shouldn’t have stepped over me and removed Sophia from her duties. You need to ask for my opinion on such a huge decision. It’s the rule!” Javier huffed and puffed. 

“It’s too late.” The look in Jasper’s eyes hardened. “The entire nation is awaiting our decision on Sophia. Yet, you didn’t release any statement in three days. The discussion surrounding the scandal has not ended, and it’s taking a huge toll on the company’s reputation. 

“As the president, I need to come to this decision for the company’s sake. Don’t tell me you are still intent on protecting Sophia Kirkman. Otherwise, there’s no reason to object to her removal.” 

Javier glowered at Jasper. “Jasper Beckett!” 

“Sophia Kirkman is a criminal who caused us enough trouble, abused her power, and was involved in drug offenses. She should be ashamed of herself. Moreover, she does not deserve to act as our 

executive director. Is the company her money tree?” Jasper snickered. 

“But the police have not closed the case yet! There are unexplained aspects in the drug allegation. She could have been framed!” 

The members of the upper management looked troubled by Javier’s 


Jasper argued, “Tell me, how was she framed when she had clearly injected the drugs into her veins?” 

“Don’t you find it odd? Everything was too coincidental. Sophie wasn’t usually that careless!” Javier blurted out and immediately regretted 

his words. 

He had made it sound as if Sophia hadn’t been caught before this, all because she was careful to conceal her tracks. 


The upper management appeared even more skeptical. Some cast disdainful looks at Javier. 

Jasper’s face soured as he had run out of patience. He announced, I’ve released an official statement. The entire company will learn about Sophia’s removal. I’m a man of his word-it’s too late to do anything now.” 

With that, Jasper rose and straightened his tie before leaving. 

‘Jasper Beckett, know your place! Don’t you know that I have the final say as the chairman?” Javier lost control of his temper and overtly confronted Jasper. “You think you could sleep in peace as the 

president now? I have another son. I can make Justin the president, too! If he’s willing to return to the city, I could totally kick you out of the company!” 

The onlookers held their breath. 


Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

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Alyssa Taylor kept her true identity a secret during her marriage to Jasper Beckett. She thought her burning passion would warm his stone-cold heart, but after three years as promised, all he gives her is a divorce agreement. Disappointed, Alyssa goes through with the divorce and goes back to being the scion of the wealthy Taylor family.Not only is she filthy rich, but she’s also a skilled doctor, elite hacker, and champion fencer. At an auction, she spends money like water to embarrass the other woman who ruined her marriage, and in the business world, she snaps up all of her ex-husband’s deals. Stunned, Jasper questions her, “Alyssa, do you have to be so ruthless?” In answer, she only smiles and says, “This is nothing but a tiny fraction of what you did to me before!”

Can't Win Me Back by Ginger Sue


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