A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 603

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Irwin Gives It All Up 

Irwin and Cedric sat in a cafe across from the hospital. He gave Cedric a meaningful look as his lips curled up into a smirk

I didn’t expect to see you here now.” 

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what the situation in Wexofrd was like right now

Cedric was silent, and his already cold gaze grew even more dangerous as he looked at Irwin

If my prediction is right, Robert won’t make it through the end of this month,Irwin said

His tone was confident, suggesting that he spoke the truth

Cedric remained silent

Robert wouldn’t make it through the end of this month

It was obvious what the state of the Entes family was like at this moment

Before Cedric could speak, Irwin continued, And so far, Robert hasn’t made any mention of 

his will.” 

So, any mishaps now would result in terrifying consequences

It was a crucial period in Wexford now

If something happened to Robert at this critical juncture, that half of the document would be pivotal

Cedric frowned and looked at Irwin

FrederickCedric hissed the name through gritted teeth

Clearly, Frederick’s whereabouts were still unknown. However, everyone assumed that he was in Cedric’s hands

It was especially concerning when Cedric saw Irwin had no intention of looking for Frederick

What was Irwin up to

Irwin lit a cigarette, took a fierce drag, and said, Frederick is in your hands!” 

Irwin!Cedric gritted his teeth

So, all those sensational rumors circulating outside were because of Irwin?! 


Cedric had tolerated him before, but now

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It’s all yours,Irwin said

Cedric fell silent

Irwin’s words made him freeze

What did he mean by that

Once we get a lead on Frederick, it’s yours!Irwin continued

What are you trying to do?” 

Cedric clearly didn’t understand Irwin’s words

Irwin’s gaze deepened, and he took two harsh drags on his cigarette

At this moment, Irwin seemed to have made some significant decisions

Instead of directly answering Cedric’s question, Irwin diverted the topic and said, Edward 

said that if his medicine doesn’t have any effect on her after three months” 

At this point, Irwin suddenly couldn’t continue

He was supposed to be a strong, determined man! 

But after knowing this result, he suddenly felt as if this situation was too cruel for Natalie

Cedric fell silent

Upon hearing this, Cedric also felt a sudden tightness in his chest

Irwin knew? He went to see Edward?! 

Don’t tell her!” Cedric said sternly

When a person was in the dark, they would always be sensitive and anxious. It was worse when they also needed to drink an extremely bitter medicine

If Natalie found out that the outcome in three months was still unknown, she might be even 

more unwilling to cooperate

In three monthsthere might still be hope

And Cedric was undoubtedly going to accompany Natalie in waiting for that hope

Once we get a lead on Frederick, I’ll give it to you.” 


In exchange, leave her.” 

When Irwin looked at Cedric, his eyes were sharp and serious

Cedric fell silent, and he stiffened instantly

Even if he were a fool, he should understand Irwin’s words now

of course, Cedric did understand

Irwin was

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A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 12/23/2023 Native Language: English
“A Divorce After My Rebirth” is a novel that explores themes of second chances and self-discovery. Following the protagonist’s rebirth, the narrative delves into the challenges of navigating a renewed life, including relationships and the pursuit of personal fulfillment amidst the complexities of divorce.   A Divorce After My Rebirth

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Title: A Divorce After My Rebirth
Publisher: Myflm4u.com
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

A Divorce After My Rebirth /Review 

Natalie Walker poured her heart and soul into loving Cedric Johnson for ten years, only to end up being burned to death by his lover.Cedric thought of that woman as nothing more than a housemaid. Even marriage wouldn’t change her status. That was, until he received the news that she wanted a divorce…”Why do you want a divorce?” Cedric asked arrogantly, believing that this woman couldn’t survive without him.”Aren’t you eager for me to die so you can be with your lover? I’m simply fulfilling your wish!” Natalie shot back as she laughed mockingly. “Cedric, I won’t be blind again! Not in this lifetime!”Natalie, who had been reborn from the ashes, held the divorce papers and kicked the scumbag and his mistress to the curb.At a press conference for her company, the media asked, “We heard that you initiated the divorce. Could you tell us the reason?”Natalie responded calmly, “It was simply time to let go.”That fire had consumed all her emotions.Looking back, it was nothing more than a long-planned trap set for her.


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