A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 601

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Three Months Later 

It had only been one night since Cedric left

Natalie did have trouble sleeping last night. It felt cold enough that she asked Lydia to add another blanket for her

Despite that, she still felt cold

It was as if the cold was emanating from the very marrow of her bones. As a result, she woke up this morning feeling particularly uncomfortable

Needles and intravenous drips

In the past, these were Natalie’s biggest fears

Every time Cedric brought her to the hospital, she would resist and make a fuss.. 

But now

Don’t be afraid,Irwin whispered softly by her side, but Natalie didn’t feel anything

She felt numb 

It was as if, after knowing Blair existed, Natalie had become a completely strong and independent woman

She had abandoned everything she used to depend on

Irwin sensed the distance emanating from her

As Natalie lay in the hospital, Irwin held out a cup and said, Have some water.” 

He inserted a straw into the cup and held it up to Natalie’s lips, but Natalie turned her head slightly

I’m not thirsty.” 

People said that when one had a fever and felt their whole body burning, there would be a sensation of smoke in one’s throat

In such a situation, one would definitely want to drink water

However, Natalie didn’t feel that way now

She felt cold

The hospital blanket was thin. Coupled with the intravenous drip on her hand, her entire arm felt cold and uncomfortable


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I want to see Mr. LarkinNatalie said after thinking for a moment

Her tone was calm. It didn’t take a genius to guess what she wanted to do when she requested to meet Edward

Previously, when Cedric was around, he took her to see the doctor

It was also Cedric who had handled all negotiations with Edward. So, Natalie was completely unaware of the specific details

Upon hearing this, Irwin was momentarily stunned

Why do you want to see him?” 

Irwin was an intelligent man. When he heard Natalie’s request, he probably already had an idea what she wanted to do

Cedric hadn’t let her know much before

He’s my doctor. Can’t I see him?Natalie said in a meaningful tone

Of course you can. But with your current condition, the hospital won’t allow you to be discharged. Be patient,Irwin responded

After you’re discharged, I’ll take you,Irwin added to reassure Natalie

In fact, it was also a way to comfort Natalie

She was unable to see anything, so she naturally couldn’t see the serious glint in Irwin’s eyes at this moment

Why didn’t Cedric let Natalie know the details of her condition

What was the reason

Was it because the situation was much more serious than she could imagine

After Natalie fell asleep, Irwin had someone stay by her side. He also had someone bring Lydia over, and it was clear he was being very meticulous

Then, he went to see Edward

Edward frowned when he saw Irwin. Who are you to her?” 

I’m her husband!” Irwin said as if it was the most natural thing in the world

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What about the gentleman from before?” 


Edward was silent and instantly confused

A woman had both her exhusband and current husband fretting over her like this

It showed how important her eyes were

He sighed and said. Just take medication for three months first, and we’ll see how it goes from there.” 

Take medication for three months first

At this moment, the renowned Edward couldn’t provide a more reliable answer?! 

What happens after three months?Irwin’s tone deepened

Yes, what would happen after three months

Edward’s gaze was sharp, and he stared at Irwin like a hawk

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 12/23/2023 Native Language: English
“A Divorce After My Rebirth” is a novel that explores themes of second chances and self-discovery. Following the protagonist’s rebirth, the narrative delves into the challenges of navigating a renewed life, including relationships and the pursuit of personal fulfillment amidst the complexities of divorce.   A Divorce After My Rebirth

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Title: A Divorce After My Rebirth
Publisher: Myflm4u.com
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

A Divorce After My Rebirth /Review 

Natalie Walker poured her heart and soul into loving Cedric Johnson for ten years, only to end up being burned to death by his lover.Cedric thought of that woman as nothing more than a housemaid. Even marriage wouldn’t change her status. That was, until he received the news that she wanted a divorce…”Why do you want a divorce?” Cedric asked arrogantly, believing that this woman couldn’t survive without him.”Aren’t you eager for me to die so you can be with your lover? I’m simply fulfilling your wish!” Natalie shot back as she laughed mockingly. “Cedric, I won’t be blind again! Not in this lifetime!”Natalie, who had been reborn from the ashes, held the divorce papers and kicked the scumbag and his mistress to the curb.At a press conference for her company, the media asked, “We heard that you initiated the divorce. Could you tell us the reason?”Natalie responded calmly, “It was simply time to let go.”That fire had consumed all her emotions.Looking back, it was nothing more than a long-planned trap set for her.


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