A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 594

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 594

hapter 594 Just a Substitute 

After all was said and done…. 

Because she wasn’t Blair, she ultimately didn’t receive Cedric’s love and favor

Without Blair, to whom did all that favor go

Isabella, then Kayla… 

Everyone but Natalie

Even during these twentyplus days, Natalie had the same thoughts. If Blair were here, Cedric’s favor would probably be entirely on Blair

No matter how Isabella schemed, in the end…. 


In the end, this favor was never given to Natalie because she was just a substitute

So, every time something happened, naturally!

Nat, things are not as you think!” 

Cedric, that’s enough,Natalie said, interrupting Cedric


Let all of this end

Really, it was enough


Cedric’s throat had tightened at Natalie’s words, and the stifling feeling in his chest became more painful


Why did she have to say such things

In fact, she


I can handle the doctor on my own. You should return to Wexford.” 

Things between them had already reached this point. There was no possibility of them reconciling

So, what was the point of continuing this

Things between us have been impossible a long time agol” 

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In fact, you already knew from the start that it was impossible between us, right?” 

Natalie was just a substitute, so how else could this have ended

She had never been so calmn

And this calmness made Cedric’s heart ache because he understood what this truly meant

It was more unsettling than her shouting in anger. Without even the anger, it meant that Natalie must have seen things more clearly and understood her own heart more clearly

With such 

be so cally, she knew exactly what she wanted for her future, which was why she could 

And with that, it meant that there was no place for Cedric in her future

That was why she could be so calm


I know the situation over at Wexford isn’t looking good right now. If my eyes recover, we’ll consider our grievances settled.” 


From now on, we’ll never cross paths again!” 

Natalie really didn’t want this to continue

Every second she spent with Cedric made her feel suffocated

All these things made her realize clearly why she and Cedric had started in the first place

It wasn’t because of who she was

It was because of a woman named Blair

I don’t want to owe you in the end!! 

After all, the situation at Wexford isn’t good right now. If Cedric continued to stay with her 


He would undoubtedly count this as another debt she owed him when trouble arose

She had witnessed his madness and didn’t want to go through it again

Nat, you don’t owe me for this. You” 

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Let’s go.” 

Natalie didn’t want to hear anymore, and she had no patience to continue

That was how her attitude toward Cedric was now

She had no patience at all to deal with him

Cedric also sensed the indifference in her tone. This kind of indifference made him acutely aware of the depth of the gap between them

They could never go back to the past they once shared


Is it really impossible for us, no matter what I do now?I’m just a substitute,Natalie said calmly


A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 12/23/2023 Native Language: English
“A Divorce After My Rebirth” is a novel that explores themes of second chances and self-discovery. Following the protagonist’s rebirth, the narrative delves into the challenges of navigating a renewed life, including relationships and the pursuit of personal fulfillment amidst the complexities of divorce.   A Divorce After My Rebirth

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Title: A Divorce After My Rebirth
Publisher: Myflm4u.com
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

A Divorce After My Rebirth /Review 

Natalie Walker poured her heart and soul into loving Cedric Johnson for ten years, only to end up being burned to death by his lover.Cedric thought of that woman as nothing more than a housemaid. Even marriage wouldn’t change her status. That was, until he received the news that she wanted a divorce…”Why do you want a divorce?” Cedric asked arrogantly, believing that this woman couldn’t survive without him.”Aren’t you eager for me to die so you can be with your lover? I’m simply fulfilling your wish!” Natalie shot back as she laughed mockingly. “Cedric, I won’t be blind again! Not in this lifetime!”Natalie, who had been reborn from the ashes, held the divorce papers and kicked the scumbag and his mistress to the curb.At a press conference for her company, the media asked, “We heard that you initiated the divorce. Could you tell us the reason?”Natalie responded calmly, “It was simply time to let go.”That fire had consumed all her emotions.Looking back, it was nothing more than a long-planned trap set for her.


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