A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 591

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Because That’s What You Wanted 

In the morning, Natalie was fumbling around in the small courtyard. She was trying to find her way, but then someone grabbed her wrist

The man gently held her and pulled her into his arms. You don’t need to do all this

In their previous life, she was accustomed to struggling in the darkness

However, in Cedric’s eyes, she didn’t need to make such efforts in this life

will my eyes really get better?” 

Up to this point, Natalie couldn’t help but doubt whether she could truly get better

After all, what was it

The medicine was so bitter

It seemed impossible to think she could recover by just taking that kind of medicine

Cedric replied, Yes!” 

On this point, Cedric was confident. Regardless of the cost, he was determined to make Natalie 


Natalie was silent


In her previous life, she spent her time in darkness until she reached the end

During that time in darkness, what she felt the most was pain

Undoubtedly, she was afraid

Despite trying to adapt to the darkness…. she was still afraid

And now, why did she have to adapt so hard

In her previous life, she had learned something big

Her sense of direction wasn’t very good

If her sense of direction had been good, she might have been able to escape

But why didn’t she ultimately escape

It was because she lost her way at the most crucial moment

Cedric, did you know?” 

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In our previous life, I did 

my sense of direction!” 


everything well in the darkness. But in the end, I completely lost 

When I smelled the thick smoke then, I wanted to escape!” 

Yes, she didn’t give up until the very


So why did she ultimately give up

Do you know why I gave up at the end?” 

For the first time, Natalie spoke bitterly about the past

Since she arrived here, she had never faced what she had avoided

So, why confront it now


Actually, this was the aspect that puzzled Cedric the most across both lifetimes

She was familiar with Scarlet Villa’s layout. Back then, it was relatively easy for her to leave the place if she wanted to

So why

This was also the question Cedric had always wanted to ask

However, the various things from their past life were so painful that even bringing them up 


Every time it was brought up, hysteria awaited. After a while, Cedric rarely mentioned it. He just wanted Natalie to be better

As long as she was emotionally well, he didn’t need to know anything 

Now that Natalie brought it up voluntarily, Cedric was even more curious

Natalie replied, Isabella told me that I was pregnant! At that time, even though I had lost the will to live, I still wanted the child to survive.” 

Although she couldn’t sense the child’s existence then, she knew she was a mother

It was a mother’s instinct

At the most critical and dangerous moment, she wanted to protect her child

Natalie was a mother

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She wanted to protect her child, but why did she give up at the most crucial moment?! 

Natalie took a deep breath and said, The servants outside the sea of fire were talking. They said not to call the fire departmentbecause that’s what you wanted!” 

She knew that Isabellahad started the fire

However, the servants said it was Cedric’s idea

When she heard that, any hope she felt was immediately extinguished

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 12/23/2023 Native Language: English
“A Divorce After My Rebirth” is a novel that explores themes of second chances and self-discovery. Following the protagonist’s rebirth, the narrative delves into the challenges of navigating a renewed life, including relationships and the pursuit of personal fulfillment amidst the complexities of divorce.   A Divorce After My Rebirth

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Title: A Divorce After My Rebirth
Publisher: Myflm4u.com
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

A Divorce After My Rebirth /Review 

Natalie Walker poured her heart and soul into loving Cedric Johnson for ten years, only to end up being burned to death by his lover.Cedric thought of that woman as nothing more than a housemaid. Even marriage wouldn’t change her status. That was, until he received the news that she wanted a divorce…”Why do you want a divorce?” Cedric asked arrogantly, believing that this woman couldn’t survive without him.”Aren’t you eager for me to die so you can be with your lover? I’m simply fulfilling your wish!” Natalie shot back as she laughed mockingly. “Cedric, I won’t be blind again! Not in this lifetime!”Natalie, who had been reborn from the ashes, held the divorce papers and kicked the scumbag and his mistress to the curb.At a press conference for her company, the media asked, “We heard that you initiated the divorce. Could you tell us the reason?”Natalie responded calmly, “It was simply time to let go.”That fire had consumed all her emotions.Looking back, it was nothing more than a long-planned trap set for her.


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