Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton) Chapter 87

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton) Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Threatening His Throne 

Mr. Davis is too kind. Perhaps it’s just practice that makes perfect

I wasn’t very good before, but as the head secretary of Cloudex Corporation, I often have to represent Cloudex Corporation and connect with various CEOs and their wives

The more I play, the more skilled I become.” 

Charles paused for a moment

Head secretaryConnecting with various CEOS and their wives… 

He pondered for a moment. I see

After hearing Emelie’s insightful words, William glanced at her and raised his bet

Emelie immediately called, returning his gaze. Her words were directed at Charles but were meant for him

Was he really going to give her away? Had he thought it through

She was the head secretary, controlling Cloudex Corporation’s numerous client resources. She might not be able to hold her tongue if he dared to sell her out

She could casually mention some major clientspreferences, habits, and limits to Charles. If Charles then took those clients, she wouldn’t be at fault

This wouldn’t count as betraying Cloudex Corporation’s secrets; she was just chatting about some gossip about clients while playing poker

Emelie smiled. The one who has guided me the most is Mrs. Parker, but the most interesting player is Mrs. Adams

She’s from Elmridge, and they have a type of poker called Fists and Kicks,which is quite amusing. Does Mr. Davis play Elmridge poker?” 

Charles pondered. I’ve seen it but never played it. But I’m interested after hearing Ms. Hoven say that. Can you teach me tonight?” 

Emelie was disgusted by his words but maintained her smile. Sure, I’ll let you know later what games Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Bennett enjoy playing.” 

Her hand won again. Full House. I’ve won, again. Looks like Charles is also favoring me.” 

William sneered. He had underestimated this woman. She dared to threaten him directly

Chapter 87 Threatoning His Throne 

Emelle pursed her lips. Shall we continue?” 


William folded his hand. Do you think we’re here to play poker with you? Who do you think you are?” 

He ushered her away from the table. The drinks are finished; go get more.” 

Emelie lowered her gaze and stood up. Certainly, Mr. Middleton.” 

As she turned to leave, she nodded at Bryan

Thank you, Mr. Swanson, for letting me play these two rounds.” 

Bryan looked at her seriously. You’re welcome. It isn’t easy winning against them.” 

Emelie walked out of the room, went a long way, and finally breathed a sigh of relief

William probably wouldn’t give her to Charles. Unless he was really betting on whether she’d keep quiet and if Charles could steal his clients

He definitely wouldn’t gamble

William liked to play it safe, and he had always been that way

He led a smooth life thanks to his family. Only those lacking strength and confidence needed to gamble, and he had plenty of both

Emelie suddenly had a thought

She hoped William would lose his strength and confidence one day and have nothing

Then, she would make him feel like he was walking on a tightrope at the edge of a cliff, desperately trying to save himself

Emelie went downstairs and didn’t return to the private room. Instead, she found a quiet 

corner to sit down

She felt a bit weak in her legs

In the room, everyone stopped playing poker and casually chatted

Charles casually said, It’s a good thing when women are intelligent and have character, but it’s troublesome

That’s why it’s better to raise dogs than cats. Dogs become more obedient and affectionate over time, while cats are too aloof

They often forget their role as pets.” 

Chapter 87 Threatening His Throne 


Patricia was helping Bryan peel grapes and complained in a coy tone, Mr. Swanson, I don’t. want to peel them anymore. My freshly done nails are splitting.” 

Bryan patted her head. Alright. Then, don’t peel them.” 

William’s voice was indifferent

It’s boring when someone doesn’t know how to ask, how to speak, thinks they’re clever, and still enjoys playing tricks.‘ 


Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)

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When Emelie Hoven was hopelessly in love with William Middleton, she almost ended up losing her life. But to William, she was only someone convenient who he thought couldn't live without him. And so, she decided to stop loving him. William didn't like that Emelie was too calm, too rational, and too independent. Later, his wish came true- he got to see her relying on someone and being gentle. He wasn't the recipient, though. On the day of Emelie's wedding, she smiles brightly as she sits on a chair and waits for her groom and his groomsmen to pass the test she and her bridesmaids have set up for them. The atmosphere is lively. Suddenly, William shows up out of nowhere. He gets on one knee before her and holds her hands, looking like he's almost worshipping her. "Leave him, please. Come with me. You loved me first, didn't you?"

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)


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