Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton) Chapter 84

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton) Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Dare Not Listen to Him 

They were just dancing normally, so Samuel did not hold Emelie’s hand tightly

With a pull from William, Samuel’s grip loosened even more

William seized the opportunity to push Patricia toward Samuel and then embraced Emelie by the waist

Emelie was caught off guard and found herself back in front of William, staring at him in 


His expression was indifferent

She felt like she was nothing more than an object to him. She would be discarded when not wanted and snatched back when desired

Emelie didn’t feel respected by him

Emelie asked, Mr. Middleton, what are you doing?” 

Why? Do you prefer Mr. Swanson?William’s voice was cold. Have you forgotten who you belong to?” 

In his eyes, she never had an independent personality. She had to revolve around him and live at his beck and call, subject to his whims and fancies

Emelie didn’t want to dance with him or see him anymore

After suppressing her emotions for a whole day, she finally couldn’t hold back at this 


Emelie wanted to leave him, but he held her hand and waist tightly. She could only push against his ch*st with one hand

He didn’t seem to exert much force, but Emelie couldn’t push him away

She gritted her teeth. Mr. Middleton, wasn’t it you who left me first?” 

What was he accusing her of now

Didn’t I tell you to go to the left? Didn’t I tell you I would hold your hand?William continued

Emelie remembered this sentence

But his words were so vague. Plus, it was her first time attending such a banquet, so how 

Chapter 84 Dare Not Listen to Him

could she know there was a blindfolded segment

How could she associate his words with that meaning

Did you hear it clearly, or are you just pretending not to?William looked at her


Well, you’ve been distracted all day. I’m not sure what you are plotting, so, naturally, my words wouldn’t register with you.” 

Mr. Middleton, no need to turn the tables.” 

It was like the pot calling the kettle black

William chuckled. Do you think I can’t see through your intentions?” 

Emelie’s eyes flicker slightly, and her lips pursed tighter

She pushed against his ch*st more forcefully. Mr. Middleton, you can think whatever you want. I don’t want to dance anymore.” 

William stopped dancing. If you don’t want to dance, then don’t. Come upstairs with me to meet the clients.” 

He grabbed her hand, intending to lead her upstairs

Emelie didn’t hesitate. I’m not going!” 

At the same time, someone held her other hand

Mr. Middleton,Samuel spoke softly, but a cold look flashed in his eyes

It seems I heard Ms. Hoven refusing to go with you. We should respect her wishes no matter what.” 

William’s gaze flickered to Samuel’s hand, then back to him, growing even colder. Is Mr. Swanson trying to snatch someone from me?” 

Samuel replied calmly, It’s not about that. Ms. Hoven belongs to herself. She doesn’t have to follow anyone; she chooses who she wants to be with

Ms. Hoven, as I mentioned earlier, there will be fireworks tonight, best seen from the third

-floor deck 

We can go now; we might miss the best spots if we wait any longer.” 

He gave Emelie a tug in his direction, and she gave him a look of gratitude

William uttered slowly, Ms. Hoven.” 


way he said it sent shivers down Emelie’s spine

Chapter 84 Dare Not Listen to Him 


Are you trying to breach the contract?” 

She was still within the project deadline, even if it was the last three days

Would she dare not listen to him and leave

Emelie held her breath, watching him closely

William’s expression was unforgiving

She would bear the consequences herself if she dared to leave with Samuel

The atmosphere between them fell silent

Their standoff drew the attention of some bystanders, and they started discussing it quietly

What was happening

Several people appeared at the staircase on the second floor

William, what’s going on here?Norman raised his voice

Bryan was also upstairs, holding onto the staircase railing, frowning as he called out


Samuel raised his head slightly. Bryan.” 

Norman smiled. Oh, it’s Mr. Samuel.” 

Bryan tried to defuse the imminent conflict. Sam, I left a document in the room. Could you fetch it for me?” 

Samuel agreed

As he turned around, he gestured with his eyes to Emelie, indicating that she should come 

with him

He didn’t believe William would forcibly drag her away in front of everyone

Emelie wanted to go but only took one step forward and dared not go any further

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)

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When Emelie Hoven was hopelessly in love with William Middleton, she almost ended up losing her life. But to William, she was only someone convenient who he thought couldn't live without him. And so, she decided to stop loving him. William didn't like that Emelie was too calm, too rational, and too independent. Later, his wish came true- he got to see her relying on someone and being gentle. He wasn't the recipient, though. On the day of Emelie's wedding, she smiles brightly as she sits on a chair and waits for her groom and his groomsmen to pass the test she and her bridesmaids have set up for them. The atmosphere is lively. Suddenly, William shows up out of nowhere. He gets on one knee before her and holds her hands, looking like he's almost worshipping her. "Leave him, please. Come with me. You loved me first, didn't you?"

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)


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