Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton) Chapter 83

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton) Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Snatched Her Back 

Samuel looked at her. Hmm? I’m not sure. It was dark earlier, and I couldn’t see clearly. But when the lights came on, you were close to me, so it’s possible.” 

Emelie glanced around and noticed that no one else was blindfolded

The rules of this game were to find a partner blindfolded and then remove the blindfold

Yet, the man had kept her blindfolded, preventing her from seeing anything

He intentionally didn’t want her to see him, not even a glimpse in the dark

That man definitely wasn’t Samuel

Samuel was confused. Ms. Hoven?” 

Emelie temporarily put the thought of the man aside and turned back to Samuel

Thank you, Mr. Swanson.” 

The staff swiftly cleaned up the fallen cake and replaced a new carpet

It was all done in less than 15 minutes; the efficiency and discipline of the Graham family were truly remarkable

The soothing music resumed, and after some comforting words from the female host, the banquet continued

Some continued dancing while others engaged in conversations, each holding a glass of wine as they found seats on the couches

Samuel glanced around. Is Mr. Middleton not here?” 

I don’t know where he went,Emelie replied, no longer interested in finding him

Samuel’s gaze was clear and gentle. If Ms. Hoven doesn’t mind, let me accompany you tonight. Nothing will happen.” 

Emelie understood his meaning

What she feared most was that William would give her away tonight. With Samuel by her side, he could protect her in any unexpected situation

Emelie’s expression was sincere. Thank you very much, Mr. Swanson.” 

Today, I’ve received too many thank yous from you. I’ll decline if there are any more. If Ms. Hoven truly wants to thank meSamuel extended his hand. Let’s dance together.” 

Chapter 83 Snatched Her Back 


Emelie had no reason to refuse. She placed her hand in his palm, and the two embraced as they entered the dance floor

Emelie smiled faintly at Samuel

She didn’t go looking for William anymore

She wanted to find him when she was clueless about the game rules and worried about stepping into a trap

But now, with Samuel leading her, she didn’t need him anymore

Moreover, William was the source of her unease

She was focused on dancing, unaware that William’s gaze was coldly fixed on Samuel’s hand around her waist not far away

He returned when the lights went out but couldn’t find Emelle. When they came back on, she was already with Samuel

So, Emelie’s first dance was with Samuel. She certainly had courage

Mr. Middleton, why do you keep looking at others? Am I not charming enough?” 

His companion from earlier stood beside him, coincidentally, also an acquaintance

It was the glamorous woman named Patricia who was with Bryan

Of course not. It’s an honor to dance with Ms. May.William spoke indifferently, not looking at her

He then pulled her hand to enter the dance floor again

Emelie’s shoulder was suddenly bumped into. She turned to see William’s eyes, which 

seemed to foretell a storm

Emelie paused briefly, then ignored him and continued to dance with Samuel

Samuel nodded to William, considering it a greeting

A mocking curve formed at the corner of William’s lips

When it was time for the spinning move, Emelie was spun away from Samuel, but before she knew it, another hand grabbed hers

She hesitated momentarily, and the next s

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)

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When Emelie Hoven was hopelessly in love with William Middleton, she almost ended up losing her life. But to William, she was only someone convenient who he thought couldn't live without him. And so, she decided to stop loving him. William didn't like that Emelie was too calm, too rational, and too independent. Later, his wish came true- he got to see her relying on someone and being gentle. He wasn't the recipient, though. On the day of Emelie's wedding, she smiles brightly as she sits on a chair and waits for her groom and his groomsmen to pass the test she and her bridesmaids have set up for them. The atmosphere is lively. Suddenly, William shows up out of nowhere. He gets on one knee before her and holds her hands, looking like he's almost worshipping her. "Leave him, please. Come with me. You loved me first, didn't you?"

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)


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