The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Chapter 403

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Chapter 403

Chapter 403 

Candies were lit in the church. The white walls were clean and calming to look at

They could hear the faint sound of hymns being played and the sound of a bell. Melanie looked at Xander. Why did you bring me here?” 

Xander said, We’re here to light a candle.” 

Many people were in the church, but it was surprisingly quiet

It was as though everyone had come up with a tacit agreement to speak and do their things softly, afraid of disrupting the peaceful atmosphere in the church. 

Xander looked at the floor, saying, I came here to light a candle for my grandma when I was young” 

The place to light the candles was in the backyard. The volunteer responsible for keeping the records muttered a blessing with his eyes closed before handing Melanie the candle

Melanie pursed her lips and looked at the candles on the rack silently

Only when the breeze swayed the fire on the candles did Xander speak, My grandpa said lighting a candle here can help the ones we love find their way to heaven.” 

Melanie slowly lit up the candle

As the wick caught on fire, Melanie placed the candle on the rack as she prayed earnestly and sincerely

Back at her house with the red paint still on the door, Melanie looked at the sight for a while before opening the door. The house had been left empty for a few days. Shabby houses like this would get dusty easily. A gust of dust assailed them as she opened the door

Melanie stopped Xander from entering. She said, It’s messy inside.‘ 

Xander fruze for a minute before saying, Call me if you need me. I’ll be around the area.” 

Melanie modded. She closed the door only after Xander had left

It was indeed messy in the house. She left in a hurry the last time and did not have the chance 

to clean the mess

Melanie sat on the sofa for a while, looking at the furniture. She thought she could bring Albert back to his house and live with him soon enough

She had everything planned

However, she could no longer do what she had planned

Melanie stayed in the house for two days, and Xander would bring her food. He even watched 

her finish it

She was not starving herself. It was just because she had no strength and appetite

All she did was look out of the window in a daze

Chapter 403 


Xander did not come on the third day, and it was Yvonne who came instead

She still wore her high heels as usual. She stepped into the house. Only when she saw Melanie did she stop from shock

Melanie did not look well. Her face was pale, and she looked skinnier. The clothes look like a big rag on her

Yvonne was only startled for a moment, though. She took Melanie to the sofa with a troubled expression. I just came back from abroad. He threw me on a deserted island and made me live there for a few days. I heard about your grandpa from Xander.” 

She tried her best to comfort Melanie. I know this is a huge blow to you, but you shouldn’t give up on yourself, right?” 

Melanie nodded. Her voice sounded hoarse as she had not been talking much these few days. I know. I’m trying to gain the strength to move on from this.” 

Yvonne asked, Have you taken a roller coaster ride before?” 


Melanie was forcefully taken to the theme park by Yvonne. They headed straight to the roller coaster ride

Before the ride started, the staff checked Melanie’s condition repeatedly

Melanie seldom played such thrilling rides. She wanted to play when she was young, but no one could accompany her and she was afraid of going alone

When she started working, she did not get a chance to go to a theme park

Yvonne held her hand and told her before the ride started, When the ride gets to its highest point and rushes down, you can say whatever you want to because no one will hear what you say.” 

Melanie pursed her lips as she grabbed the handle tightly

Yvonne was right. Only screams could be heard when the ride rushed down the highest point

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Novel

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Novel

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The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Novel defination is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around a powerful CEO and an unexpected heir, exploring love, secrets, and the complexities of family in a corporate world..

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott

Synopsis The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Novel

Melanie Smith had been with Eugene Scott since she was 18 years old. She was a confident young woman who believed she held a special place in Eugene’s heart. That was until Eugene introduced Melanie to a meek young lady who resembled her younger self.


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