The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 88

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 88

Chapter 88 

Accompanying the scream was Claire, dressed in mourning clothes, staggering out. 

Her face was pale. It was streaked with tears and snot. She rushed towards Gavin. 

Just as the men of Frostpeak Dark Warriors were about to end this woman’s life, Gavin stopped the Frostpeak Dark Warriors with a look. 

Claire wailed as she slid down and knelt in front of Gavin. 

She looked at Gavin pitifully, putting her hands together as if in prayer, as she begged, her voice cracking as she said, 



“I beg you. Can you spare my life?” 

Needless to say, Claire’s current appearance made people feel pity for her. 

However, as for taking pity on a member of the Dawson family, Gavin was incapable of doing such a thing. 

Back with Claire, Claire already tore off her clothes in a panic. 

As she tore her clothes into pieces, she cried out to Gavin, “Do you want me? Do whatever you want! 

“You can do whatever you want. I can do whatever you want me to do! 

“I’ll be your slave! 

“Please, I’m still useful. Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me!” 

As Claire shouted this, she actually tore her clothes clean off herself, leaving only a pair of shoes, revealing her naked body. 

However, it wasn’t just Gavin, for even all the members of Frostpeak Dark Warriors Team D under Harry were expressionless when they saw this scene. 

Even if Claire had a really good figure and her skin was flawless, in their eyes, this scene was like a corpse in a mass grave. It didn’t cause any ripples in their hearts. 

Moreover, Gavin had seen better ones. 

Of course, none of that mattered. 

There were no distracting thoughts in Gavin’s eyes. He just looked coldly at Claire, who was kneeling on the ground. 

Seeing that Claire was about to untie his pants, Gavin finally spoke. 

“You want to live?” 

Hearing Gavin’s voice, Claire’s eyes revealed a glimmer of hope. She nodded hard and even the flesh on her body trembled. as she shouted, “I want to! I really want to! I’ll do anything you want me to!” 

Gavin looked at Claire and slowly said, “Let me ask you a few questions” 

“Okay!” Claire’s eyes glowed as she nodded frantically. 

Gavin said, “Do you know where the Mason family of Greenwald is?” 

“I know!” Claire said without hesitation. 

“The Mason family of Greenwald is” 

Gavin said, interrupting Claire, There’s no need to answer in such detail!” 

Claire unmediately shut up and did not dare to say a word. 

Claire looked so obedient in front of Gavin 

She had already forgotten how badly she cursed at Gavin in her heart before. 

Meanwhile, Gavin spoke again. 

“How long does it take to run from here to the Mason family!* 

When Clare heard this question, she was slightly stunned She thought about it for a moment and said, “Greenwald and Brookspring aren’t far from each other to begin with, and this place is close to the suburbs. If you were to run over, it would take about half a day” 

Clare still did not know why Gavin asked this question Gavin’s voice came again. 

“Alright Now run to the Mason family in Greenwald and tell the Mason family Don’t be in such a hurry Sooner or later. It 

will be your tut 

Chapter 88 

“Do you understand?” 

Claire mentally recited the words Gavin told her, “Don’t be in such a hurry. Sooner or later, it will be your turn.” 

Then, Claire nodded heavily and said, “I’ve remembered it! 

“Grandpa Gavin, can I live just by telling the Mason family this?” 

Gavin smiled and nodded. “Of course.” 

“Thank you, Grandpa Gavin. Thank you, Grandpa Gavin!” 

Claire thanked Gavin repeatedly in delighted surprise. 

Then, she looked up at Gavin and said again, “Grandpa, do you need your granddaughter to serve you?” 

As she spoke, she slowly moved towards Gavin. 

However, Gavin directly said, “Go now!” 

Claire’s body trembled heavily as she hurriedly got up from the ground. 

“Okay, okay, Grandpa. I’ll put on some clothes and go right away!” 

“Who told you to get dressed?” 

Gavin’s cold voice was heard. Claire’s body immediately trembled heavily. 

She looked at Gavin in disbelief. 

She subconsciously blurted out, “Grandpa, but I Claire was cut off once again. 

“No buts. Do you want to live?” Gavin’s cold voice was heard again. 

Finally, Claire’s fear of death finally triumphed over everything. 

However, what Claire was thinking at that moment was, “After I run far away, who cares about the mission you assigned 

“I’ll find something to wear and run to the Mason family. I’ll have the Mason family’s men come over to kill you! 

To take revenge for the humiliation I have suffered!” 

However, just as Claire came up with this idea, Gavin’s voice sounded again. 

“Don’t even think about finding clothes to wear. Don’t even think about covering your face. Don’t play any tricks. Otherwise, 1 guarantee that you’ll die immediately!” 

After saying this, Gavin turned his head slightly and said to Harry. 

“Go, take off the plaque on the door of the Dawson family mansion” 

“As you command!” Harry said, respectfully. 

With a soft pop. Harry’s figure disappeared under Claire’s dumbfounded gaze. 

Before she could react, with a whooshing sound, Harry who was carrying the huge plaque appeared in the hall again. 

Despair filled Claire’s heart. 

How could she not know how far this place was from the entrance? 

Moreover, the mysteriousness of this person’s actions was something she couldn’t understand at all. 

Why did Gavin tell his subordinate to do this? 

It seemed meaningless, but it was actually very meaningful! 

Gavin was telling her that his subordinates would follow her and keep their eye on her.. 

If Claire was to play any tricks, she would definitely die! 

Claire’s face turned pale, but, compared to her worthless modesty, her life was much more important 

Claire squeezed out a bitter smile and said to Gavin, “Grandpa, I understand. I won’t play any tricks. I’ll go now!” 

Claire gritted her teeth and ran out of the Dawson family villa wearing only a pair of shoes 

Needless to say, without something to bind it up, certain parts of her body dad hurt as the ran 

Meanwhile, Claire had already run out, but neither Gavin nor any member of the Frostpeak Dark Warriors left. 

cai beraise Gavin did not need anyone to follow Claire at all. 

This Claire had already suffered a huge blow to her mind. Ai tas moment, even if no one followed her, she would all be afraid and vaplant, especially in the face of such a life 

Chapter 88 

This kind of person who was afraid of death could give up everything for survival. 

As long as it was something that threatened her life, she would not do it even if others told her that she could? 

Here, Harry was already quite curious as he asked Gavin, “Dark Lord, there’s something I don’t understand” 

Gavin said, “Speak!” 

Harry looked at Claire’s naked figure and said, “Dark Lord, she’s also a bloodline of the Dawson family. Why don’t you kill her?” 

When Gavin heard this question, a faint smile appeared on his face. Then, Gavin said, “Don’t worry. The Mason family will 

kill her for me.” 

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The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

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The Strongest Warrior's Revenge by Valerie Bach

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