The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 84

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 84

Chapter 84 

This sudden change took Gavin, as well as Zoe and Layla, by surprise. While Kris had seemingly returned to normal, at this moment, there was a distinct sense of panic in her pupils. Her complexion paled rapidly, and a faint sheen of sweat appeared on her forehead. Her body started to tremble slightly as she stammered, “I don’t know. I don’t know,” 

And then, a stream of tears began to flow from the corner of Kris’ eyes. She was in a state of extreme panic, trembling and quivering. She ran to the corner of the dining room and curled up, clutching her body tightly. She shivered violently and cried out loudly, “I don’t know, I really don’t know. Stop asking me questions. Her whole demeanor appeared panicked and disoriented as if she had reverted to her previous state. 

Gavin and the other two ladies quickly stood up. “Kris, Kris. Are you okay?” These three people were also in shock upon. seeing the scene. 

Just as Layla and Zoe were about to rush over to support Kris, she screamed in alarm, “Don’t touch me! I don’t know, I really don’t know!” 

Gavin, seeing this, was furious. He knew that the question about the whereabouts of the Conor family had become an almost indelible trauma in Kris’ heart. Clearly, when she was subjected to inhumane treatment by the Holmans, they were asking her the same question. The mere mention of the Conor family, even if Kris tried not to recollect the past harrowing days, her body would involuntarily trigger memories of the pain she had once endured. 

Gavin’s anger was raging, but he could not let Kris continue like this. Otherwise, if her psyche suffered a second blow, it wouldn’t be as easy to recover as before. So, Gavin rushed to her side, extending his hand to embrace her in his arms. He proceeded to gently stroke her back and softly spoke, saying. “It’s okay, Kris. It’s okay. You’re safe now.” 

Just like before, only Gavin could enter Kris’ heart at this moment. With teary eyes, she gazed into Gavin’s face and let out a slow, heartfelt call, “Gav… Gav. 

Gavin continued to reassure her, saying, “I am here, don’t be afraid, Kris, I am by your side.” It was Gavin’s comfort that helped her trembling body slowly stabilize, and she gradually moved closer to his embrace, closing her eyes. 

Layla and Zoe, the two ladies, held each other tightly, their eyes filled with tears of anguish. Kris looked so pitiful now. Both of them did not make a sound, fearing that any noise would trigger Kris. The entire room fell into a profound silence. 

Before long, Kris’ breathing finally became steady, with even breaths, and she closed her eyes, entering the realm of dreams. Gavin put his hand on her pulse, checking her condition. He found that her body was fine, and her mental state seemed to have stabilized. At this point, Gavin finally let out a sigh of relief. 

He lifted Kris from the ground, took her into the bedroom, and laid her on the bed. He tucked her in with care. After looking deeply at Kris, who was sleeping, he wiped away the traces of tears from her eyes and left the room. 

Layla asked with some urgency, “Gavin, what are you going to do?” 

Gavin did not look back but left with a firm and determined tone. Tm going to the Holman family, to kill. Indeed, Gavin could no longer suppress the rage that burned within him. 

Although the main forces of the Holman family, including the family head and some key members, had already died at Gavin’s hands, the entire family had not been completely annihilated. 

Back then, the Clifford family had been annihilated by those bastards, leaving no one alive. It was certain that Gavin would not show any mercy to his family’s enemies. Killing all members of the Holman family, including servants and bodyguards, was something he had planned to do. But it would not be today, he still wanted to feel the warmth of his own family. 

However, he had only asked about the whereabouts of the Conor family, and Kris had been traumatized by past experiences to the point of becoming like this. How could Gavin continue to endure it! 

At the Holman residence in Brookspring- 

This was a gloomy mansion. Inside the hall where Zachary’s coffin was placed. Fate, the wife of Zayn, the eldest son of the Holman family, was wearing black mourning attire and anxiously pacing in the hall. Her eyes kept glancing outside From time to time, she muttered, “Why is Henry taking so long to return 

The butler on the side was equally anxious in his heart but still spoke reassuringly, “Mrs. Holman, you don’t need to worry! Mr. Henry is even more powerful than Mr. Zachary, and he brought many of his companions from the Valor Alliance with 


“The Valor Alliance is a place where many powerful warriors gathered! With its intervention, that scum Gavin is sure to be defeated Mrs Holman, you can rest assured” 

Was the Valor Alliance such a powerful warrior organization! Gavin really didn’t know However, he remembered that the second son of the Holman family, Henry, had threatened him with the name of the Valor Alliance before he was killed. But Gavin did not hold any warrior organization in high regard Anyone or any force that obstructed his revenge would face the eneseijuristes, as he had declared! 

As Fate began to relax a little after be ng the butler’s wonds. commotion suddendy came from outside the Holman 

Chapter 84 

“Who are you?” 


“Run! Run, Gavin Clifford is here. He is coming to kill!” 


A series of horrified, wretched screams continued to echo from outside. Following that, a strong scent of blood filled the air. As they stood in the middle of the hall, both Fate and the butler flinched at the sound. 

Subsequently, both of them turned pale, and the butler exclaimed in shock, “What?! Gavin is here? 

“Could it be that Mr. Henry and those best warriors from the Valor Alliance were all…” Before he could finish his sentence, he gasped and slumped to the ground. 

A shadow appeared, flying into the hall from the outside and it landed steadily on top of the butler. With a plop, a strong jet of blood spurted from the butler’s body, and he was brutally crushed to the ground, lifeless. Seeing this scene, Fate could not take it anymore. 

“Ah!” A heart-wrenching scream of terror suddenly escaped her lips. In the midst of her screams, Gavin’s figure slowly entered the hall. Along the path behind him, there lay the members of the Holman family, each in a pool of blood. Upon seeing Gavin’s emotionless and icy demeanor, Fate’s eyes rolled back, and she promptly fainted. She was scared into 


There was nothing they could do because all of the Holman family members capable of resistance had already been dealt with by Gavin in advance. So, the current Holman family was entirely at his mercy. 

At this moment, a figure of a Frostpeak Dark Warrior appeared behind Gavin with a swift “whoosh,” and then knelt on one knee behind him. “Reporting to the Dark Lord, the Mason family from Greenwald has sent people to the Dawsons.” 

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The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

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Read The Novel The Strongest Warrior's Revenge by Valerie Bach“ In a world where loyalty is tested and vengeance lurks in the shadows, a tale of redemption unfolds. Meet Gavin Clifford, a man who has dedicated eight long years to guarding the border, only to return home to a devastating reality. The Harper family has mercilessly annihilated his family, leaving his sister Zoe to endure a life of torment and misery.Consumed by fury, Gavin sets out on a treacherous path of revenge, determined to make those who had hurt his family pay for their sins. But as he delves deeper into the dark underbelly of this city, Gavin begins to unravel a web of deceit far more intricate than he could have ever imagined. With each step, Gavin discovers that there is a larger conspiracy at play, one that threatens not only his own life but the very fabric of the world he thought he knew. As alliances shift and secrets come to light, Gavin vows to uncover the truth and protect those he holds dear.Gavin will confront the ultimate test of his strength and resilience. Justice will prevail, and he will crush all those sinister forces that conspire against him.

The Strongest Warrior's Revenge by Valerie Bach

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