The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 150

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 150

Chapter 150 

In the darkness, the eyes of the a*sa*sin gleamed with a cruel light. 

His dagger sliced through the air, emitting a sharp sound. 

Moreover, there was a sharp killing intent that belonged to warriors mixed in his attack! 

However, his seemingly surefire attack unexpectedly missed its mark. 

The a*sa*sin instantly retracted his dagger. 

Then, he quickly adopted a defensive posture. 

Maintaining composure in such situations was a vital skill for someone in his profession. 

The a*sa*sin instantly held his breath and cautiously surveyed the surroundings. 

At this moment, Gavin suddenly vanished into the darkness in the blink of an eye. 

Previously, the person hiding in the dark was this a*sa*sin. Now, the roles between the two individuals, the a*sa*sin and Gavin, were unexpectedly reversed. 

Although the a*sa*sin could clearly sense the presence of Sally and her mother, he couldn’t detect Gavin, his intended target. 

Nevertheless, a cold smile lingered in the a*sa*sin’s eyes as he uttered an icy and ruthless remark. 

“Kid, you’re too naive. Have you forgotten what my profession is?” 

Indeed, he was an a*sa*sin. 

He was well-versed in concealing his presence, lurking in the shadows, and ready to strike at any moment. It was what he did. 


Yet, now he found himself subjected to the same tactics.. 

Wasn’t Gavin trying to show off foolishly in front of him, the professional a*sa*sin? 

Therefore, this a*sa*sin’s eyes were filled with intense confidence. 

Lightly brandishing his dagger, the a*sa*sin moved gracefully through the room. 

It seemed he wanted to use his movements to better perceive subtle changes in the room. 

In a teasing tone, he even spoke in a childlike manner. 

“You have to hide well 

“Don’t let me find you, or I’ll beat you well.” 

At this moment, the a*sa*sin had a cold smile on his face. Even in his heart, he was constantly mocking Gavin. 

He thought, ‘This idiot thinks he can match me in the art of a*sa*sination? I’m a professional! How did this brainless trash become worthy of a 20 million dollar bounty?” 

In the room, besides Gavin’s currently unseen presence, there were two other women. 

Sally’s mother had already realized the danger. 

Sally, who had just emerged from the bathroom, was unaware of what had happened at first. But now, she began to grasp 

the situation. 

There was an a*sa*sin in the room! 

Although this a*sa*sin was here to a*sa*sinate Gavin, in Sally’s eyes, this a*sa*sin was here to cause trouble for her and her mother. 

However, amidst their fear and anxiety, the mother-daughter duo couldn’t help but reveal peculiar expressions. 

They could see the silhouette of the a*sa*sin clearly. 

Furthermore, they could also see Gavin’s figure! 


Gavin’s figure was currently right behind the a*sa*sin. 

Although the two were in close proximity, the a*sa*sin remained oblivious to the danger behind him. 

Especially when coupled with the words spoken by the a*sa*sin. 

The expressions of the mother and daughter became increasingly strange. 

Simultaneously, they whispered to each other in their hearts. 

“Is this a*sa*sin perhaps a fool?” 

Gavin wore a relaxed smile on his face. He followed closely behind the a*sa*sin. 

Regardless of where the a*sa*sin tried to sneak, Gavin consistently trailed behind him. 

Even if the a*sa*sin suddenly turned around, Gavin could silently reappear behind him. 

What a poor a*sa*sin, thinking his a*sa*sination skills were unparalleled. 

Gavin had abandoned these tricks a decade ago! 

Unfortunately, the a*sa*sin remained unaware of this. 

He seemed quite enthusiastic about the thrill of hunting Gavin. 

Sally and her mother were completely disregarded by the a*sa*sin, as they were not his targets. 

Although the a*sa*sin could sense the presence of the mother-daughter pair, he did not want to look at them. 

If he did, his lustful desires might flare up. 

Despite the a*sa*sin’s confidence in his professional abilities, with time pa*sing, his expression gradually turned serious. 

It was not a surprise. 

Gavin was obviously teasing the a*sa*sin. 

The a*sa*sin was puzzled as to why he couldn’t find any trace of Gavin. 

The a*sa*sin couldn’t even sense his target’s presence. 

It was as if Gavin had never appeared in this room. 

For a moment, the a*sa*sin became increasingly nervous. 

However, despite the tension, he continued to wear a cruel smile and spoke with a teasing tone. 

“Not bad, kid. You hide pretty well, huh? 

“Are you so scared that you’re even afraid to breathe?” 

Then, his expression tensed up. “Don’t torment yourself like this, you idiot. You’re not going to suffocate yourself, are you? 

“Stop hiding in the shadows! Come out and face me head-on, you worthless piece of garbage!” 

The a*sa*sin’s tone had lost its initial composure, now sounding somewhat desperate. 

Eventually, he even resorted to using personal attacks as a means of provocation. 

This scene left Sally and her mother speechless. 

They couldn’t help but find the a*sa*sin somewhat pitiful. 

They even felt the urge to remind him. 

They really wanted to say, “He’s been standing right behind you all this time. What are you searching for?” However, they couldn’t. 

Of course, they were not allied with the a*sa*sin, so they wouldn’t give him any hints. 

Finally, the a*sa*sin’s movements became more frantic and rigid. 

His facial expression grew more sinister and desperate. 

Observing the a*sa*sin frantically searching for him, Gavin seemed to lose some interest. 

He yawned slightly and patted his mouth. 

He said lazily, “What are you looking for?” 

Hearing a voice behind him, the a*sa*sin felt his hair stand on end. A chilling sensation ran down his spine. 

With a swift motion, he leaped forward, putting some distance between him and Gavin. Gripping his dagger tightly, he finally saw Gavin. 

However, his expression was no longer as relaxed as before. 

Instinctively, he exclaimed, “Kid, when did you appear behind me?” 

The question he asked at this moment caused Sally and her mother to roll their eyes simultaneously. 

Meanwhile, Gavin raised his hands in a nonchalant gesture. 

He said indifferently, “I’ve always been behind you all along. You just didn’t notice me.” 

“Bullshit!” The a*sa*sin shouted upon hearing Gavin’s voice. He refused to believe that Gavin had been standing behind him all this time without being detected. 

This was absolutely impossible! 

He even spoke mockingly to Gavin. 

“You’re still acting cool at a time like this? You must have been hiding in a sorry state just now, right?” 

Alright, who exactly gave this a*sa*sin the confidence? 

Not only Sally and her mother but even Gavin was speechless. 

The a*sa*sin’s voice did not stop. He kept talking. 

“Trash, you can’t hide anymore. You had no choice but to appear, right?” 

He laughed like a child! “Hahahahaha!” 

Then, he bared his cruel fangs and shouted, “Come out, and be prepared to face death! The bounty of 20 million dollars is mine!” 

Right after the a*sa*sin finished speaking…. 

“Buzz!” The air vibrated. 

The a*sa*sin’s b*dy instantly appeared in front of Gavin. His speed was really fast. 

The dagger was once again aimed at Gavin’s eyeball. 

It happened so fast that ordinary people would not be able to react at all. 

The a*sa*sin seemed to have already envisioned the image of Gavin’s head pierced by his dagger 

But the next moment, a light sound echoed. 

The dagger in his hand actually broke into pieces in the air! 

The pieces fell to the floor with a series of cracks. 

As for Gavin, it seemed like he did nothing. He merely blinked his eyes, and the a*sa*sin’s dagger was only stopped by his eyelid. That was all that happened. 

“This is impossible!” The a*sa*sin exclaimed in shock. 


The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

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The Strongest Warrior's Revenge by Valerie Bach

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