The Last Spirit Wolf by Elena Norwood Chapter 157

The Last Spirit Wolf by Elena Norwood Chapter 157

t goes on without a hitch. Everyone is incredibly happy after signing the peace treaty and we all now look at the future with eagerness and hope.

“Hey,” Noah comes to sit with Ravi and I. He places his hand on Ravi’s back, smiling, I got word from Eli that Elden and Ca*sia are on their way back to the Castle already 

1 frown, a little surprised. 

The only reason why Elden and Ca*sia aren’t here with the test of us, is that upon coming back to the Castle and recovering. I mentioned to Elden and Ca*sia that in one of my visions, there was an enormous library in the Witch Castle. Both of their eyes lit up and shortly after, they started organizing trips to the Witch Castle and 


“Did something happen?” I ask 

“No, nothing happened, but apparently they already recovered all the books they could. It’s going to take them years to translate them,” Noah says. 

“I mean, it already took them two years to recover all of them,” 1 point out, “what 1 few more years to finally get to read them? 

A few moments pa*s as Noah and I keep talking. He tells me how Eli could possibly have found a live interest, that he would never admit to of course, but Noah can’t help but pester him about it, as well as everyone else in the Castle For reason, I have the burning suspicion that it’s a wolf 

Just as I’m about to ask him who he thinks it is though, l’instinctively turn my head up to look at the moon. It’s a full moon and it just reached its highest point in the sky. My eyes glaze over and everyone’s nuras explode all around me, dancing in the moonlight. Even the moon itself is shining brighter for me, an iridescent aura swirling all around it. 

Ravy stirs, waking up and turning his head up, too. 

It’s time, my grandmother san 

1 smile and turn to Noah, who’s already noticed that my eyes have turned white. 

“Is it time?” He asks. 

1 nod, standing up and handing Ravi to him. Ravi looks up at his dad adoringly, and turn to leave. 

Reaching the end of the courtyard, I turn back one last time and smile, feeling the joy, hope, and excitement everyone is feeling collectively, and smile. Then, 17 my feet, entering the forest and feeling what I now know to be my dad’s presence all around me, welcoming me 

I walk slowly, reveling in the feeling of home that this place has always given me, priking in me a bittersweet feeling. 

After walking for about thirty minutes, I reach my destination. 

lade Waterfall. 

I smile as the green jewels shine bright before me, dancing against the moonlight and welcoming me. 

Taking a deep breath and with tears starting to form in my eyes, I step into the pool of water until the water reaches my hips, as I once saw my dad do. 

You’re finally ready, my dear, my grandmother says. 

I nod. 

After the Witch Mother took my essence, it’s taken me two years to fully get my magic back. It’s taken me two years to finally do this. 

I take a deep breath, steadying my feelings, even if my heart is slightly constricting right now. 

Remember what we taught you, my aunt says. 

I close my eyes and place my hands at the surface of the water, feeling my dad’s essence. 

“Vote?” [ heat, “is everything okay?” 

In my mind, my dad is standing right in front of me, looking concerned. 

“Hi dad,” I whisper, the first tear slipping down my check. 

“What’s wrong?” he asks. 

“Nothing’s wrong.” I a*sure him, “quite the contrary,” I tell him and look to my left. 


Off to the side, I have summoned one of my dad’s memories of with my mom. They’re in the field, dancing together and twirling in the sunlit clearing. She was already pregnant with me at the time, so they were both being extra gentle. 

“How did you…?” He asks, his eyes getting teary. 

“It’s time you two reunite,” I say. 

He turns to me with a frown, still confused. 

“How… I can’t… Even if L… Even if I could, I could never leave you, what if…?” He stutters. 

I interrupt him. 

“There are no “what ifs” anymore, dad. You deserve to get the happily ever after you never got. Mom deserves that, too.” 

He stares at me for a while, still not convinced that this is the best idea. I’ve gotten to know him quite a bit these past two years; I know he won’t go. 

So, I have to force him. 

I take a deeper breath in, remembering what my grandmother and aunt taught me. 

Twirling my hands in the water, I force my dad’s essence out of the emeralds. All of them. I can feel him resist it and it takes some serious effort, concectration, and magic to do this. 

“Thank you… for everything.” I whisper with my eyes closed, tears now slipping freely from them. 

After several moments, he stops resisting, and I am able to gather up all of his essence. 

I raise my hands gently out of the water, lifting his essence up with them. 

Then, I release him up to the night sky… 

I open my eyes just in time to see it happen. The entire pool of water has become blindingly bright with a deep green color. Then, it slowly rises up in the air, and scatters like a million dragonflies flying away at the same time. 

This is by far the hardest decision I’ve had to make in my life. These last two years that I have become closer to my dad, it had become painfully obvious that he was 

sad. All this time that he had been looking after me, he still never stopped missing my mom. 

And this is it. 

From what my grandmother and aunt told me, where he’s going, I won’t be able to see him again, but they believe it will lead him directly to her, to whatever plane she’s in. 

“Goodbye, dad,” I whisper, my hand going to my emerald pendant. 

After a few minutes, I no longer feel my dad anywhere. Not in the forest, not in the water, not in my necklace, and my tears just can’t seem to stop falling. 

After steadying myself, though, I turn back to leave the pool of water, noticing Noah and Ravi standing just within the tree line, watching me. 

I smile, drying myself off with my magic and walking towards them. 

Noah hugs me tightly. 

“How do you feel?” He asks. 

I take in his scent and his warmth for comfort. After a while, I separate from him and k*ss Ravi on his check. He laughs, lifting up my spirits. 

“We should go back,” I tell Noah, “I wouldn’t want anyone to worry.” 

He nods, turning to leave. 

I turn one last time to Jade Waterfall, noticing it no longer has that vivaciousness to it anymore. 

My l*p quivers, but I smile instead. 

When I turn back to the forest, following after Noah and Ravi, a gentle breeze caresses my hair, drawing my attention. 

With you, always. 

I gasp. 

Quickly I turn around to look at the waterfall, just in time to see two faint figures joyfully dancing around the clearing, carried gently by the wind and wrapped around in all the loose leaves that were on the floor. 

An overwhelming sense of peace invades me and, just as quickly as the figures appear, they disappear. 

But it’s okay, it’s all the proof I need. 

1 smile, my heart full and content, and turn back to where Noah and Ravi have stopped to wait for me. 

I quietly approach them and Noah takes my hand and k*sses me gently. 

smile at him, and hand in hand, with Ravi in Noah’s arms, we make our way back to the pack house. 

The end. 

Chapter Comments 


Kirsten Burmeister 

wonderful ending 

thank you for giving us some closure, although it’s in a way bitter sweet she let her dad go on to the next plane 

Vikki Tasker 

omg im crying I didn’t think this story would be as good as it is, but honestly ugly crying now that last bit with her dad was absolutely beautiful 


The Last Spirit Wolf by Elena Norwood Novel Full Episode

The Last Spirit Wolf by Elena Norwood Novel Full Episode

Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: Oct 29, 2023 Native Language: English

The Last Spirit Wolf by Elena Norwood Novel Full Episode


The presence of Lycans tonight left me in awe. My upbringing taught me that lycans and wolves were sworn enemies, their animosity pa*sed down through generations. The forbidden love between the two species was said to be sacrilege. Still, my astonishment had to be set aside—I had a duty to fulfill as a doctor. A wounded werewolf burst through the doors of the emergency room, clutching an unconscious wolf. I sprang into action, joined by nurses hastily adjusting their attire. What had unfolded to bring them here in such a state? My focus shifted entirely to the gravely injured lycan, and for an instant, I could sense the rhythm of his failing heart echo within me.

The Last Spirit Wolf by Elena Norwood Novel Full Episode

While I a*sessed his vital signs, a hesitant nurse connected him to various machines. As I gently lifted his eyelid to check his pupil response, a surge of electricity coursed through my fingertips. Bewildered, I found myself taken aback as his eyes abruptly snapped open, jolting both our heart rates. His gaze locked onto mine, penetrating and alive, despite his fragile condition. He murmured something inaudible, urging me closer. Then, in an instant, he flatlined, leaving my mind spinning. Did he just whisper the word “mate”?

Novel Details

Title The Last Spirit Wolf
Author Elena Norwood
Publisher Readink
Genre Werewolf
Language English

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    Beautiful end to a great story. I enjoyed reading it so much ❤️

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    This story is so great. I didnt stop reading until I finished it. Thank you for such a delightful story.

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    Beautiful story.
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  5. Stephanie says:

    Just beautiful! The entire story had me emotional……the only thing I missed was how did Noah’s mom die? That was never in any visions. And what happened to her body because parents never saw it?

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