The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith’s Thoughtful Devotion Chapter 18

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Change My Situation

Natalie’s current home was a small house of less than 40 square meters in a tenement area.

When Natalie came back from the hotel, she bought a cake downstairs for dinner.

Back in her temporary rented house, Natalie needed to tidy up the bed before she could lie down.

The house was too small for Natalie to put the things she had brought with her from the Finn family.

Half of Natalie’s bed was filled with clothes and clutter. When she slept, she could only curl up in the corner.

Natalie desperately needed a place to stay, so today, even though she knew Lance was using her, she put up with it.

Natalie hoped Lance wasn’t teasing her, or she might be tempted to ask Lance for an account next time.

Natalie thought, “Even if he can’t marry me, I managed to get rid of his troublesome fiancée today. He’s gonna pay me something anyway. So I can get a bigger place to live.”

People might not believe that Natalie had no money now because she was once a popular singing diva.

Natalie released many songs. The royalties on any song could make Natalie live a comfortable life.

However, as soon as Natalie divorced Zachary, she was poor and could only live in such a small place. How ridiculous it was!

Natalie’s cell phone rang suddenly, pulling her thoughts back.

Natalie looked at her phone and saw something that bothered her. “I just went to court and filed a lawsuit. You can’t pay off such a big debt. If you are smart, you’d know that working with us is the only way out.”

The message had been sent to Natalie by her former entertainment agent, Judith.

Natalie’s former agent was now the agent of the new diva of music, Dolores.

Natalie knew if she worked with Judith, she’d be working with Dolores.

Natalie had a mocking smile on her face. Natalie didn’t want to be bothered, so she turned off her phone.

Natalie had never been smart enough, otherwise, how could she fall in love with Zachary?

Once Natalie loved Zachary so much that she was willing to give up everything for Zachary. But now Natalie was watching everything that belonged to her being named after another woman.

Whenever Natalie recalled the past, she wanted to go back in time and strangle her original self, because she did not listen to advice.

And now, Natalie seemed to be on a road that seemed to have no return.

Natalie would rather put all her hopes in a strange man than ask for Dolores’ and Zachary’s charity. Natalie was not willing to become a stepping stone for Dolores.

Natalie thought, “Will I be able to change my situation if I marry Lance?

But Lance looks even more unreliable than Zachary. I’d better not think about that.

I’d rather sleep than fantasy. I have so much to do tomorrow.”


The next day, Natalie was awakened by her phone alarm just before 7 a.m.

Natalie got up, put on her clothes, and went out in such a hurry that she did not have time to eat her breakfast.

There was a clothing store with a new line of clothes on sale today, and Natalie needed to get there early to line up.

During this time, Natalie needed to pay off her debts and make ends meet. She was reduced to selling the clothes and bags she used when she was a star.

Occasionally, Natalie worked as a part-time purchasing agent.

Natalie couldn’t find other jobs because someone was making it hard for her.

Since Natalie didn’t have a job, she had a lot of free time, so she specialized in running errands for those who were busy.

This kind of job might be humiliating, but at least Natalie didn’t have to deal with customers face to face. They traded online. No one knew that the humble purchasing agent was once a big star.

Today Natalie’s customer wanted to buy a limited edition dress. The brand of the dress was hot these days. Natalie waited in line for almost three hours just to get into the store.

Natalie stood in line for a long time in the hot sun. She had just stepped into the shop when a silver Pagani pulled up behind her.

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith’s Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith’s Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora

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Read The Novel The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora "I can handle all the household chores. I'm an excellent cook proficient in various cuisines. Which cuisine would you like to try first? If you marry me, you'll have delicious food every day! Mr. Griffith, will you marry me?" "Yes, I will!" Mr. Griffith eagerly agreed. After learning from the lessons of her first failed marriage, Natalie Laurier simply wanted to find an ordinary person as her second husband. However, the seemingly regular small business owner she chose turned out to be the primary heir of the wealthiest family in the country. After tying the knot, Lance Griffith surveyed the tasteless food in front of him and inquired, "What happened to the delectable food you promised?" Natalie untied her apron and sat on the table, teasing, "You have something better, don't you? There's no food more delicious than me!" Lance recalled the previous night and concurred, "You're absolutely right!"

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora

Five years later, Mia returned in splendor, causing a sensation. Joe’s eyes turned red as he apologized, “Mia, I was wrong…” But Mia didn’t give a damn this time. This apology was too late. She looked coldly at him and asked, ” Excuse me? Who are you?” People started discussing, “Who is she? How dare she refuse the billionaire?!” Behind Mia, two children who resembled Joe loudly said, “That’s nonsense! Our mommy is the richer billionairess!” Description of Novels Title: The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion Rating: 9.3 (Very Good) Genre: Billionaire Language: English Read Online Format Pages: Onging Where to read:

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