Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah Chapter 43

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah Chapter 43

Chapter 43 


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As the days as a prisoner drag on, I feel a persistent cramping in my stomach. At first, I think it’s just my period coming on, but the pain is different sharper, more intense. My heart sinks as I realize what is happening. The bleeding starts, and I know this isn’t just a heavy period

It’s a miscarriage

Pain shoots through me as I remember having S*x with the twins. Now, our child is lost, and my b*dy trembles with waves of pain as I lie on the cold floor with tears streaming down my face

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. It’s not fair. My mind drifts to all the hopes and dreams I had for a future baby, now being flushed away with each painful contraction. And as I lie there, curled up in agony, I can’t help but wonder why me? Why does this have to happen to me

The answer is obviously clear: this is Johan Lietail’s fault. If he hadn’t kidnapped me and ordered his men to beat me senseless, I would still be pregnant

Anger and sadness churn within me until I hear the familiar sound of the door to the basement opening. Without looking, I can tell it’s Ada. She smells like cheap perfumethe weekend must be here. Ada doesn’t have a mate, and every single Saturday, she heads out with the girls

Oh, dearest me!She exclaims when she sees me crawling on the floor like a snake in pain. Are you on your period? Well, too bad there are no pads for our prisoners. Daddy doesn’t allow that, but I’m sure your mates will save you soonor maybe not. Since they haven’t found you, they can’t be THAT interested in saving you. Perhaps their lives are easier without you in it?” 

Even though I’m exhausted by the pain, I manage to glare up at the werewolf bitch. My pack and mates will come for me, and once they do, you will be sorry.” 

Sorry?she laughs. Why? They won’t ever find you, and when they do, you will no longer be alivemy dad plans on performing the ritual tonight.” 

Ritual?I blurt out, unsure what that means

Uh, yeah?she looks at me like I’m dumb. I told you we were going to steal your magical powers; to do that




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Chapter 43 

the shaman in our pack needs to perform a ritual on you. It will help them create a spell that slowly drains your magic out of your b*dy and gives it to my father.” 

My blood freezes as her words sink in. I knew they were planning on stealing my powers, but I didn’t know they already knew what method to use! This is bad. My ice powers are already dangerous in my handsimagine a villain getting a hold of them! Shit… 

Scared, are we?” 

Ada’s laughter echoes around the dank basement, making my skin crawl. She turns on her heel and sways. towards the door, her highpitched voice piercing through my thoughts

I can’t wait to see you powerlessOh, it will be so much fun!she says, her tone filled with gleeful malice before she slams the door behind her

Her words leave me trembling on the floor, my mind swimming with fear and pain. How long until I’m useless? Without my magic and my wolf, I wouldn’t stand a chance of escaping from this place. Also, if I don’t have my wolfdoes that mean my bond with the twins will be broken

Sadness overwhelms me. Not only did I lose our child, but now I might also lose the two men in my life. It’s unfair

As I sit there, feeling sorry for myself, I hear something move behind the brick wall. It’s as if something is trying to escape, and I narrow my eyes


No answer

I sit in silence for a while, expecting the sound to stop, but soon, I hear the digging again. It makes me freeze until I hesitantly move my hand to the brick that’s slightly moving on the wall. It easily falls to the floor, and I blink in surprise

There is an entire room on the other side of the walla forgotten prison cell much larger than mine, but although my discovery is cool, I don’t see how this can help me. As for the sound I heard- 


I look down in surprise when something that looks like a blue frog suddenly jumps forward to hug my foot. It 




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shimmers like a gemstone. Wait, are those wings on its back? And wait, did it just speak through telepathy with me?! 

It sounded like it called me it’s mama… 

Surely that was my imagination? I haven’t been fed for days, and now I’m finally going insane- 


My eyes widen when the tiny creature repeats itself and strokes its warm little b*dy against my foot like an affectionate kitten

Overwhelmed by the unexpected affection, I bend to scoop the creature into my hand, its small wings fluttering against my wrist. Its large violet eyes stare up at me, twinkling with an emotion that appears to be pure adoration

WhoWhat are you?My voice trembles with trepidation and wonder

Your baby, mama. The response telepathically floats into my brain, causing a jolt of astonishment. Could this be possible? My unborn childturned into this tiny creature? But how

Distracted by the improbable thought, I fail to notice the door opening. This time, it isn’t Ada but a guard coming down the stairs. They are most definitely here to beat me, and I instinctively put the little dragon inside the other room. It looks at me in confusion, and I smile

Mama will be back,I whisper. I promise.” 

Its large eyes turn sad. They beat you?” 

Yes, but it will eventually end. We will get out of here.” 

My dragon looks like it wants to say something, but I place the brick in its place to block it from seeing it. I’m not sure if I believe the dragon is my baby, but it’s still a baby, and I won’t let it witness the violence that is about to unfold

The moment I turn away, I spot the guard’s shadow looming at the door. He’s a burly werewolf with cruel, cold. eyes that have been devoid of any humanity for as long as I’ve known him. He grins at me menacingly, revealing yellowed teeth, and steps into the room



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Chapter 43 

Well, wellwhat have we here?he says, his eyes roaming over me. Up to no good again?” 

I swallow 

my voice steady

fear and steel myself for what’s to come. I haven’t been doing anything,I retort, trying to keep my 

A derisive laugh escapes his lips as he moves further into the room. Is that so?His gaze narrows suspiciously on the brick wall. Why is there dust on the floor?” 

Fear clutches my heart. He can’t discover the hidden room; he a t discover my baby. It might not be mine biologically, but it’s still something to hold on to. Something that will keep me from going insane

L…I was just cleaning,I lie hurriedly. Panic surges inside of me, threatening to claw its way out, but I force it down

Cleaning? In a basement cell?he taunts, a smirk playing on his lips. That’s a new one.” 

He saunters over to the brick wall and crouches beside the dustcovered stone floor. His fingers trace delicately 


over the loose brick I had just replaced before standing up again, his brows furrowed in suspicion. The silence in the room is broken by the erratic thudding of my heart against my ribs as he studies me

I see nothing has changed,He finally says, seemingly dismissing his earlier suspicion

Why would anything change?I respond defiantly, anger overshadowing fear momentarily.. 

Speaking back, huh? Maybe I haven’t beaten you enough to earn your respect.His grin stretches wider as he unsheathes his whip from where it hangs around his waist

I’m ready for the first lash when it comes- my b*dy tenses with anticipation. The whip cracks loudly against the quiet hum of the basement, and pain sears through me, but I bite back a scream. Each ensuing lash is familiar, a grotesque symphony of suffering that I’ve become accustomed to

As the guard finally exits, leaving me in a heap on the floor, I let out a shaky breath. My b*dy screams in pain, but my mind is focused on one thing alone my tiny dragon, I crawl over to the hidden room behind the wall and remove the brick


And there it is, perched anxiously, looking at me with worrywrinkled brows. Mama hurt,says its telepathic voice, fraught with concern

Yes,I croak out a reply. But don’t worry, your mama is going to get us out of here.” 




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Despite the grim surroundings and the pain echoing through my b*dy, as I hold the tiny creature close again, ray of hope pierces through the despair. No longer am I alone in this dank basement. And when it comes to protecting your kin, what won’t a mother do


Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah

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Five hasn't had the easiest childhood. She was born without a wolf that never awakened on her eighteenth birthday, and because of this, her parents mistreated her while the rest of the pack bullied her. It's harsh, but that's how life is for a werewolf without a wolf. Five is worth less than an Omega and expects herself to live as her parent's slave until the day she dies. But her life takes an unexpected turn when her past bullies, the Alpha twins Eric and Logan, take her in as their pet. They are cruel and relentless, so Five doesn't understand her deep attraction toward them. It makes no sense to like your bullies, just like it makes no sense to suddenly discover there might be something special about you after all. Perhaps there is more to Five than meets the eye?

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah Novel Online

In my pack, I’m not seen as a person. I’m treated like an object, and every pack member is allowed to mistreat me or kick me to the ground. That’s why my blonde hair is usually dirty and why there are bruises covering my pale skin. Most of the time, I wish I hadn’t been born. I’m the fifth person in history born without a wolf. It means I’m weaker than your regular werewolf, and because of this, my pack and family decided I didn’t deserve a name.

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah


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