Seven Days Seven Nights (Nicholas and Nancy) Chapter 195

Seven Days Seven Nights (Nicholas and Nancy) Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Be Careful 

“Nicholas, I’ll give you one chance. If you obediently beg me for mercy and kneel down to call me ‘master. I’ll let you go.” 

Perry grinned arrogantly, his expression exuding extreme arrogance. 

“Who do you think you are?” Nicholas sneered. 

“You have some backbone. Let’s see if you can still be so arrogant when the stick lands on you and breaks your bones.” 

Perry sneered and waved his hand. “Brothers, get him!” 

Instantly, the large circle they had formed split into several smaller circles, surrounding Nicholast and Madelline from all sides. 

Madelline, trembling, tugged on Nicholas’ sleeve. “Nicholas, how did it come to this? I’m scared.” 

“It’s alright.” Nicholas comforted her. 

He raised his gaze, and his cold, sharp eyes met Perry’s gaze. “This is between us. Don’t make things hard for a woman.” 

Perry let out a cold laugh and walked forward with determined 

Soon, he stopped next to Madelline. 

steps, whistling casually. 

After observing her for a moment, he whistled again with a sinister smile, reaching out to lift Madelline’s chin and forcing her to look at him. “Look up and let me see you.” 

“Nicholas…” Madelline called out timidly, her voice trembling 

With fear. 

“Let her go. Nicholas’ voice was stern and commanding. 

Not only did Perry not release his grip, but he became even more insolent. 

Once again, he lifted Madelline’s chin, then leaned down, his gaze falling onto her crippled legs as he sneered, “Not bad at all. You’re delicate and fair-skinned. I love your slim arms and legs. If I were to have you, it’d be quite enjoyable. Look at this skin; it’s so fair. Even after being with so many women, I’ve never encountered one like you before. It’s just a pity that such a beautiful woman is disabled. Tsk, tsk…” 

Due to fear, Madelline was trembling all over. 

Nicholas stepped forward, gripping Perry’s arm. He warned in a cold, threatening voice. “Let go of her. Don’t touch her.” 

“Oh, you’re feeling protective, huh! If I remember correctly, you have a beautiful wife at home, 



Nicholas. You’re truly living the high life surrounded by beauties, and every one of them is so gorgeous.” 

“I’ll give you a chance. If you’re willing to let my brothers have a turn with this beauty, I’ll let you go.” 

“I’ll say it again, let her go.” 

Nicholas’ eyes were locked onto him. His fists clenched tightly and the veins on his forehead pulsated. 

Perry paid no attention, as if he hadn’t heard a word. He continued to grab Madelline’s arm. 

Not only that, but he reached out to touch Madelline’s cheek, slowly moving downward. Suddenly, he grabbed Madelline’s chin, his voice as cold as a demon’s. “Are you worried about him?” 

Madelline was immediately frightened and burst into tears. She nodded vigorously, her voice trembling. “Yes. Please, let us go!” 

“Oh, pretty girl, don’t cry. You won’t look good if you cry. I feel so sorry for you. 

Perry reached out and wiped away the tears from Madelline’s face. 

Madelline became even more terrified. She sat tightly in her wheelchair, trembling uncontrollably. 

“Pretty girl, I will give you a way out. If you obediently come with me and my brothers, I’ll let him go. How about it? Do you want to consider it?” 

Madelline was now consumed by fear. 

She tried to speak, but her l*ps trembled so much that she couldn’t form a coherent sentence. “Consider what? There’s no need to consider. At this moment, Nicholas’ voice rang out. 

In the next moment, Nicholas grabbed Perry’s arm and twisted it behind his back. 

Perry instantly howled in pain, screaming in agony, “What are you all waiting for? Get him! I’m going to take his life today!” 

Nicholas pushed Perry away, and at the same time, his sharp gaze swept over the faces of everyone present. Finally, a faint smile tugged at the corner of his l*ps. 

Then he reached out, loosened his tic, and undid his buttons. 

Taking off his suit, he handed it to Madelline with just two words of instruction. “Hold this.” 

In an instant, his slender fingers meticulously rolled up his sleeves. 


With a slight parting of his thin l*ps, he uttered, “If you don’t value your lives, come at me.” 

“Bring it on!” Perry roared, and in an instant, everyone swarmed toward Nicholas. 

Some were barehanded, others wielded sticks, and a few brandished large knives. They all charged toward Nicholas. 

The early morning was quiet, but the noise here was deafening. Shouts, yells, and cries pierced. through the otherwise tranquil night, shattering its peace. 

The wind howled, while the temperature dropped steadily. 

Over an hour pa*sed, and a group of people lay on the ground, groaning in pain. Various agonized sounds echoed relentlessly. 

They lay scattered around, except for Nicholas and Perry, who stood in the center, their gazes locked on each other. 

Perry sneered, surveying the fallen. “Nicholas, I underestimated you. But do you think I’d dare venture out alone if I didn’t have some skills?” 

Perry pulled out his phone and gave it a few taps. 

Suddenly, a fleet of a dozen black cars arrived, parking in perfect formation. 

The occupants, all dressed in black, alighted from the cars, each one exuding a menacing aura. 

They quickly formed ranks, standing behind Perry. 

Adjusting his clothes, Perry swaggered toward Nicholas, prodding him. “Nicholas, my boy, I admit you’re quite impressive. It’s a pity that fate envies the talented. Today, you’ll meet your end at the hands of me, Perry Henderson.” 

“Perry, are you this despicable?” Nicholas clenched his fists. 

He anticipated that what followed would result in heavy casualties, and it was still uncertain whether he’d make it out alive. Yet, his indomitable spirit kept him composed. 

His face remained unchanged, displaying hardly a trace of emotion. 

Perry, however, was further incited by Nicholas’ composure. “Nicholas, deceit is fair in war. How could I not have a few tricks up my sleeve when dealing with someone like you? How would I dare come knocking at your door?” 

What followed was another intense clash. No one could recall how long it lasted, only that the first wave fell, only to be replaced by another. 

They just kept coming, wave after wave, seemingly without end. All around were cries of pain and roars of anger. 



The ground was covered with blood, one pool after another, until it became impossible to discern which blood was whose. 

Nicholas’ strength and stamina were gradually diminished by the prolonged battle. As the battle neared its end, he struggled to keep up. 

Out of nowhere, a staff was swung forcefully towards him. Madelline’s heart skipped a beat. With clenched fists, she cried out, “Nicholas, be careful!” 


Seven Days Seven Nights (Nicholas and Nancy) Novel

Seven Days Seven Nights (Nicholas and Nancy) Novel

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Seven Days Seven Nights (Nicholas and Nancy) Novel

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