Serve No One This Life by Fleur Delacour Chapter 364

Serve No One This Life by Fleur Delacour Chapter 364

Chapter 364 She Feigned Innocence And Purity

Yaxley answered Fanny’s call. For Fanny, half of her success was achieved when Yaxley answered her call.

Yaxley listened to Fanny’s voice, feeling a bit disoriented. When Fanny asked him where he was, he replied. “Where are you?

Angela wisely remained silent upon hearing that it was Fanny on the phone. Although she suspected Fanny and Dylan were probably involved in something, this was something only Yaxley, the party concerned, should know.

Fanny promptly responded. I’m at home waiting for you, Yaxley. I have good news to share with you. Can you come to see me soon?

Yaxley replied, “I’ll be there shortly.”

After ending the call. Yaxley maintained a serious expression as he turned to Angela and said, “Angela, thank you. I’m unsure why you were looking into these matters, but your assistance has been invaluable. I will have someone look into Fanny. How would you like to handle Dylan?”

The information Yaxley had obtained was a byproduct of investigating Angela. If he wanted to determine if that night was connected to Fanny, he would need to start with Dylan.

intend to report this to the police. Would you like to accompany me to the station?”

“I have the same idea. I have something to ask Dylan.”

Yaxley and Angela went to the police station together to report the incident. With Yaxley, the young master of the Collier Family, the police operation at the station was swift and efficient. They stormed into the Leigh Family and apprehended Dylan.

The members of the Leigh Family were all in a state of panic, unsure why the police had taken Dylan


Dylan’s expression changed immediately upon seeing Yaxley, and he pleaded for Yaxley to spare

He was taken to an interrogation room, while Yaxley was respectfully invited in by the police.

“Speak up.”


He trembled, facing Yaxleyi’s stern expression, unsure what to say. He could only plead, “Mr. Collier, what have I done wrong? Why are you arresting me?

Yaxley’s face remained serious, his voice firm, “Don’t you know? Tell me everything about Fanny

Dylan panicked and his thoughts in disarray. He avoided directly mentioning Fanny and instead beat

around the bush.

“Don’t want to talk? Do you still care about your Leigh Family?” Yaxley’s tone was cold, but he calmly issued a warning.

Upon hearing this, Dylan was in a frenzy, quickly stating, “It was all Fanny’s sudden decision to target you. I never intended to harm you.”


Chapter 364 She Feigned Innocence And Purity

Although he and Fanny had acted impulsively, he had not been involved in the entire process. It was all

“Explain clearly

Dylan swiftly recomted the entire incident under Yaxley’s stern reprimand.

Upon learning that Fanny had drugged him and entered his bed, Yaxley breathed a sigh of relief.

Understood. You will await the police’s handling of this.” He stood up and casually left the room.

Dylan become anxious when Yaxley was about to depart. “Mr. Collier, please spare me. I have confessed everything.”

Yaxley gave him a cold look. “I won’t target your company.”

Upon returning to the Northland, he had not utilized the Collier Family’s privileges extensively, let alone dismantle a company.

Dylan breathed a sigh of relief, but his face was still defeated.

After Yaxley left, other police officers quickly arrived to inquire about the matter involving Angela.

The incident where Angela was framed by a waiter he had bribed had been verified, and soon Dylan was charged and temporarily detained.

On the other side, Fanny was anxiously awaiting Yaxley,

“Yaxley, you’re here.” Yacley entered Fanny’s villa, and Fanny was pleasantly surprised. She presented a cake she had made herself and said, “This is a cake I made. Yaxley, please try it.”

After causing unhappiness in the Collier Family the day before, she contemplated making amends.. Additionally, the good news she had received that morning had put her in a good mood, so she moming baking a cake.

Yaxley glanced at the cake, his expression unchanged but devoid of other emotions.



“Let’s not eat the cake right now.” He pushed the cake aside and sat down, looking at Fanny. “Sit down and

let’s talk

Upon hearing this, Fanny became a bit tense.

However, she suppressed the strange feeling in her heart and slowly sat down. She reassured herself that if Yaxley were willing to visit her, she would have the opportunity to make him believe in her.

She was not afraid of Yaxley believing what those people had said. After all, Yaxley’s initial recognition of her was based on what happened between them that night.

And that night was an accident.

Again, Fanny felt extremely grateful that she had also targeted Yaxley while dealing with Angela that night.

Perhaps Dylan’s decisions were indeed correct.

Chapter 364 She Feigned Innocence And Purity

Yaxley, what do you want to discuss with me?”

She did not sit next to Yaxley but instead sat across from him. However, her gaze remained fixed on Yaxley after sitting down.

Yaxley was familiar with Fanny’s usual demeanor and didn’t show much emotion. He simply asked, “Why did you appear in my room at the banquet that night?”

He asked directly, catching Fanny off guard.

Fortunately, Fanny reacted swiftly and immediately provided her previous explanation. “I don’t know. I had been drinking, and then I woke up in your room.”

She feigned innocence and purity as if she had also been set up.

Yaxley nodded, tapping his fingers rhythmically on the table.

“Next question.”

Before Yaxley could pose the next question, Fanny interrupted him and said, “Yaxley, have I done something wrong? Let’s not dwell on serious matters, okay? I even made a cake for you to celebrate. Today, I received some good news.”

As she spoke, her voice softened, and her expression grew more pitiful.

Yaxleyfrowned but still followed her lead, inquiring. “What good news?”

Fanny breathed a sigh of relief, successfully steering the conversation in a different direction.

She retrieved the admission notice from the side and handed it to Yaxley, saying, “Tobtained the qualification to the same school as you.”

She hoped that he would be happy for her by showing Yaxley the notice from Northland Medical University and that it would divert his attention.

Yaxley glanced at it briefly and remarked. “But I am not at Northland Medical University

“But you are training there,” Fanny said softly.

Although Yaxley was only training at Northland Medical University, being there would bring her closer to him, which was truly great news for her.

Yaxley remained noncommittal. He stared at the notice and speculated that Fanny could not have obtained it through legitimate channels.

“Who helped you get this? Is it Dylan?”

Fanny was taken aback. “I obtained it through my efforts. Yaxley, what are you talking about?”

She was surprised that Yaxley mentioned Dylan’s name but smiled innocently and harmlessly

Serve No One This Life by Fleur Delacour

Serve No One This Life by Fleur Delacour

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In her old life, Angela Kins got snatched as a baby and only made it back home at age ten. Everybody thought she hit the jackpot with wealthy parents, four awesome brothers, and a good-looking fiancé. Angela herself totally bought into this fake fairytale. But, the love from her parents, the care from her bros, and the sweetness from her fiancé? Not meant for her. All that was showered on the adopted daughter who took on her identity for over a decade. The Kins Family dissed and mocked Angela big time, keeping her stuck in a tiny utility room while the impostor enjoyed a princess-like setup.
Serve No One This Life Novel (Angela and Joseph)
Later on, she got hit with stomach cancer. And when she was on her deathbed, instead of feeling sad for her daughter's tough luck, her mom was bizarrely relieved because Angela's death meant her adopted kid would score a kidney. After her rebirth, Angela decided to ditch the old baggage. She said bye to family drama and romantic mess, choosing to rock a carefree and happy life on her own terms. But guess what? She had no clue she'd become a magnet for the attention of her ex-fiancé's big-shot older brother. This guy, with his tough rep, turned out to be a real softie. Behind closed doors, he clung to Angela, throwing sweet words and teasing her. Angela wanted out, realizing that being all mushy with guys could spell a lifetime of trouble.


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