Prisoner of Love Her Secret Revenge by Jenny Chapter 5

Prisoner of Love Her Secret Revenge by Jenny Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Newborn 

Two years and seven months later, Anna was released after serving her 


The sunlight outside the high walls was blinding, but she had to face it and 

let it shine through her

Anna put on her old work clothes and walked into Robert’s office

The receptionist had long since changed, Check in, miss.” 

Anna smiled at the receptionist, I’m your CEO Ace’s S** partner. He told me 

I could come to him anytime.” 

Anna’s eyebrows raised in her usual seductive way. Ignoring the surprised 

look on the receptionist’s face, she sl*pped on her heels and headed for the 


Many of Robert’s employees were surprised to see Anna,Ms. Carl?” 

Anna’s mouth curved expertly. Did these people remember her? She’d 

hoped they’d testify in her favor when Ace tried to sue her, but none would step 


Hey, weren’t you in jail? What are you doing here?” 

The company would never hire anyone who leaked confidential 


I came to seduce your boss so he’d give me another new job.The elevator 

arrived, and she sashayed out

The crowd was dumbfounded with surprise


Prisoner of Love Her Sexfet R… 


There was a knock on the door to the CEO’s office, and Ace didn’t even look 

  1. up. Come in.” 

Anna walked in and closed the door

The sound of her heels on the carpet was a little muffled. Ace’s hands on the 

keyboard stopped, and he looked up

His face was calm, but he still couldn’t help the trembling of his halting 



Even with the elaborate makeup, he could tell she was a little more tanned 

than before and had lost weight

She looked at him and smiled very charmingly. But the sparkle in her eyes 

wasn’t what it used to be like it had been polished by age

I’m out.Anna smiled, taking a step closer to Ace

Ace leaned back and narrowed his mesmerizing eyes as he stared at Anna

I thought you said we were done? What are you doing here again?” 

Anna gently lifted her hips and sat on the table in front of Ace. She rubbed 

her earlobe, Well, I needed the money. After all, no company is going to hire

Chief Secretary who is incarcerated for leaking trade secrets. Since I can’t find

job soon, why don’t you give me some money?” 

Ace’s eyes darkened. Anna took his hand and held it in hers, I’m not going 

to let you give money for free; you can ask the market price of those women out 

there. I won’t overcharge you.” 

After saying that, she didn’t forget to smile charmingly at him


Prisoner of Love Her Sepfet R… 


Chapter 5: Newfor 

Something sharp and thorny suddenly stuck in his heart. Ace sucked in his breath, his ch*st hurting a little

He shook off Anna’s hand, Get out of my office right now!” 

Anna smiled crookedly, like a silver bell, fragile and charming. She held up her hand and watched over and over again

Mr. Robert must not like my hands now. My skin isn’t as delicate and smooth as it used to be. Certainly, after more than two years in prison, my hands are not only not soft, but my palms are calloused. What kind of woman can’t yoù have for a man like you?” 

After saying that, she didn’t forget to look at the man sitting in the presidential chair, Right?” 

Ace’s face was pretty ugly. When he saw Anna again, he remembered the scene in the courtroom. With her personality, he thought Anna would kill him 

with the knife in her hand

But she didn’t

Anna walked into his office wearing her old suit. She was undressing her 

now. She had lost weight, and her breasts weren’t as full as they used to be

The b*dy covered by the suit was smooth as porcelain, just like before

A wave of heat swept through his entire b*dy, testosterone raging

Anna pulled up her short skirt and sat on Ace’s lap, lifting her legs as 

skillfully as before


Prisoner of Love Her Secret Revenge Author Jenny

Prisoner of Love Her Secret Revenge Author Jenny

Score 9.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Sep 10, 2023 Native Language: English
Prisoner of Love Her Secret Revenge Author Jenny is an amazing story about Anna and Ace. Anna has loved Ace for ten years, but she never imagined that she would be put in jail by the hands of her beloved man. On the same day, her father died in agony from his illness. While Anna has lost all hope for life, God plays a joke on her she is pregnant with Ace's child. From the first day Ace meets Anna, he has been planning a vicious revenge. For Anna's father was the real culprit who destroyed his perfect family. Anna's pain is supposed to fulfill him, but when the woman comes back to him, he is uncontrollably drawn to her. The returning Anna is completely changed. In order to survive, she offers a deal that Ace can't refuse. Will this be a new revenge,or another attempt by Anna for love?When will Ace discover the hidden child? Can their romance reach a happy ending across hatred? You Can also download Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins

Prisoner of Love Her Secret Revenge Author Jenny

Novel Detail Prisoner of Love Her Secret Revenge by Jenny

Title: Prisoner of Love Her Secret Revenge Author: Jenny Gener: Billionaire Price Free Read

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Why did her fiancé end their engagement?
    • Her scumbag fiancé ended their engagement after her family went bankrupt.
  2. Who did she end up sleeping with after her engagement ended?
    • She ended up sleeping with the wealthiest man in the country, who coincidentally was her ex-fiancé’s uncle.
  3. How did the wealthiest man initially react to their encounter?
    • Initially, he insisted it was a mistake and had no intention of maintaining any further connection with her.
  4. Why did the wealthiest man end up helping her financially and emotionally?
    • He couldn’t resist lending a hand whenever she needed financial a*sistance or when she faced humiliation from her ex-fiancé and his new girlfriend.
  5. How did she trick the wealthiest man into marriage?
    • She faked a pregnancy to seek revenge against her ex-fiancé and surprisingly found happiness in their marriage.
  6. What was her constant fear during her marriage?
    • She constantly lived in fear of her secret, the fake pregnancy, being exposed.
  7. What did she confess to her husband one day?
    • She confessed, “Um… I faked the pregnancy. If you can’t handle that, let’s just get divorced.”
  8. How did the billionaire respond to her confession?
    • The billionaire embraced her and replied, “My darling, it doesn’t matter. Let’s have a baby NOW to compensate for my loss.”
  9. What motivated her to fake the pregnancy in the first place?
    • She faked the pregnancy as a means of seeking revenge against her ex-fiancé.
  10. Did her marriage with the billionaire ultimately bring her happiness?
    • Yes, despite the deception, she found happiness in her marriage with the billionaire.


In this complex and dramatic tale, a woman’s engagement ends due to her family’s financial downfall. She seeks solace in a night with her wealthy ex-fiancé’s uncle. Their relationship evolves through financial a*sistance, a fake pregnancy, and ultimately, an admission of deceit. Despite this, their bond grows stronger, bringing unexpected happiness.


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