Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities Chapter 5

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The DNA Results Are Out 

“No need.” 

Nigel said coldly, “I’ve only been set up once. 

Roslyn was very unwilling to give up. 

Yet she knew how restrained Nigel was. She was sure that Nigel had been tricked for a reason, and she accidentally learned that Nigel had someone he loved. It was just that they lost contact for some unknown 


And that was why he was reluctant to give Yasmin a title. 

Yet kids ought to have their moms whatsoever. 

Roslyn collected her thoughts and carried Kristy upstairs. “I have a grandson, who is older than you, but he is already asleep. When he wakes up tomorrow, he will play with you…” 

After tucking Kristy in, Roslyn went out and told Liam, “No matter how ill-behaved Bridget is, the kid is innocent. Take care of her.” 


Liam nodded, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Ms, Stout used the name of the Moyer family to spread the words that you were angry and did not want to see Bridget and her family in Nalpure again. 

Roslyn frowned. She had been in a high status for years, which made her intimidating without having to be angry. “No wonder Nigel doesn’t like her. She is always calculating.” 

Liam asked, “Shall we make clarifications?” 

Roslyn sighed, “If we do so, it will be embarra*sing her, and embarra*sing her will be the same as embarra*sing Royce.” 

Royce was her grandson, and she had raised him up herself. It was for Royce that she wanted to set Nigel and Yasmin up. 

She waved. “Forget it.” 

Bridget ruined the party for no reason, and she deserved some certain punishment. 

The next day arrived. 

Kristy got up and was led downstairs to breakfast by Roslyn. 

Kristy’s eyes widened when she came downstairs and saw a boy her age sitting on the couch. 

Royce was sitting on the couch proudly. As the most prestigious kid in Nalpure, he was always cold to others. 

He glanced at Kristy. 

He found her cute. 

Royce’s back was straight, and his chin was slightly raised. 

Roslyn told him that a girl younger than him was here. Though the girl’s mom had a bad reputation, kids should not be implicated because of things among adults. 

He wondered whether he should respond to Kristy when she greeted him later. 

If he didn’t, it didn’t seem right. 

Yet if he did… He heard from the servant that the girl’s mom had offended Roslyn, 

Royce sat on the sofa with a straight face, but he was struggling deep down greatly. Meanwhile, Kristy had already walked past him while looking straight ahead. She didn’t even look at him. 

Royce was stunned. 

He thought, “She’s so aloof! 

“Though she doesn’t come from a great family, she isn’t humble or fawning at all. 

“She is perfect!” 

He had no idea that Kristy, with her head down, had been saying to herself, “I’m invisible… He can’t see me…” 

The world for those with social phobia was as simple as that. 


Yasmin was in the Stout’s place. 

She had a cold and was sitting in bed, sneezing. 

Thinking of how she was humiliated last night, she said bitterly, “If I had stolen all her triplets, things wouldn’t have been so tricky today!” 

She walked into Nigel and Bridget at the hotel five years ago. 

Then Nigel disappeared, and Bridget called the police, causing an uproar. That was when she learned that Bridget had no idea who the man was that night and was pregnant. 

Therefore, she asked her mom to go after Bridget and then paid off the 

doctor. As a result, the obstetric test result showed that Bridget had a twin instead of triplets. 

Bridget gave birth by cesarean section under general anesthesia, so she had no idea what was going on. 

It never occurred to Yasmin that she would get exposed one day. 

Irene Weber, Yasmin’s mom, frowned. “You almost got caught up simply stealing one of her kids. Besides, what are you gonna do with triplets? You will have kids of you and Nigel in the future. Do you want her kids to fight over the property with yours?” 

Yasmin bit her l*p and was about to cry. “Then what should we do now?” 

Irene comforted her, “Calm down. Bridget has no access to Nigel right now, and after a matter of days, she and her family will never be seen in Nalpure ever again. I’m going to the Cole’s home now to put pressure on them. Wait for my good news!” 



Bridget in the three-story detached villa. 

She go 

got up on time, stretched, and sat down on the sofa to wait for news from the DNA verification agency. 

A sound rang out. 

The door was pushed open, and Helena Cole, Bridget’s mom, walked in, tired. She stayed up late and worked overtime, and even the light makeup on her gorgeous face could not make the exhaustion in her eyes go away, but her eyes were flashing with excitement. “Great news, Bridget!” 

Without waiting for Bridget’s response, she continued, “I helped the 

Cole family land on a big project. I’m sure your grandma will reinstate me as the general manager!” 

Bridget took a sip of water and said indifferently, “That’s the thirteenth time you’ve said that this year. They’re just keeping your hopes up.” 

Helena sighed, “Bridget, I know you have a problem with your grandma, but her hands were tied when she kicked us out. In fact, she cares about us. After all these years, I’m still working in the family’s company, right? Besides, the Cole family gives us money each month regularly…” 

“That’s because you’re capable. You could have earned much more if you had gone somewhere else.” 

Hélena looked sad. “Don’t say that… I’m not related to her by blood after all, and it’s already very nice of her to treat me like that.’ 

Bridget fell silent. 

Helena was adopted by Fanny. 

Fanny fancied Helena’s pretty face and wanted to use Helena for a marriage between the Cole family and another family, yet to her surprise, Helena was talented in business, in stark contrast with Fanny’s two sons. 

Helena joined the company at the age of 18, and the business thrived since then. 

Therefore, Fanny no longer wanted Helena to get married. She cut Helena off from all her pursuers and claimed that she couldn’t bear to part with Helena. Finally, Helena got married to Wilfred, a Z-list actor with no background. 

Five years ago, Fanny kicked them out after what had happened to Bridget, claiming that Bridget’s bad reputation affected Leslie’s 

marriage. She also fired Helena as the general manager and gave her a sales position as a charity. 

In fact, she used such an excuse to take away Helena’s inheritance. 

She did this so that Helena could work for the Cole family without giving Helena shares. All she had to do was give Helena some money from time to time for Helena’s living expenses. Things turned out perfectly for Fanny. 

Yet Helena, who yearned for family affection, didn’t believe Bridget’s theories at all. 

Helena even ventured, “Bridget, perhaps your grandma will let us back if I do better. What do you think?” 

“She won’t.” 

Bridget ruthlessly destroyed her illusions. 

Then Helena’s phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID, then got serious, and answered the phone. 

“Mom, hi. Go home now? Alright. I’ll be back in a second.” 

Hanging up the phone, Helena was thrilled. “What did I say? Your grandma wasn’t that kind of person. You just wouldn’t believe me. You heard that? Your grandma wants me home now. She’s definitely going to reinstate me as the general manager!” 

Then she said seriously, “When I get back as general manager, you’ll have to apologize for denigrating her behind her back!” 

Then she went out hastily. 

Bridget was about to run after Helena when her phone rang. It was the DNA agency. 

The results were out! 

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel
Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 10/5/2023 Native Language: English
Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities" A "Pregnancy Billionaire" novel typically revolves around a plot where a woman unexpectedly becomes pregnant by a wealthy, powerful billionaire, leading to complex romantic, dramatic, and societal conflicts as they navigate the challenges of love, family, and wealth. Read More Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Read Online Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Chapter 1 I'm With Her Grandson Ever wondered what it was like dating a ball of energy? Bridget Cole woke up groggy, her head pounding from last night's intense encounter. She thought, "Who would've guessed that such a good-looking guy could go all night like that? He had endless energy and had S** with me several times nonstop! "Maybe he was that excited about his successful proposal last night?" Sitting up in her hotel bed, Bridget realized Nigel Moyer was nowhere to be found. She grabbed her phone, and dialed his number, intending to talk to him about pacing themselves, but the voice on the other end sent her heart sinking. "Sorry, the number you dialed is not in service." Nigel had disappeared. Bridget searched everywhere for him, but no one had seen him. Worried, she finally called the police.  

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Q: Who is the main character in the story?
  2. A: The main character is Bridget Cole.
  3. Q: What happened to Nigel Moyer after his successful proposal?
  4. A: Nigel Moyer disappeared, and there was no record of him ever existing.
  5. Q: Why did Bridget call the police?
  6. A: Bridget called the police because Nigel Moyer had disappeared without a trace.
  7. Q: What shocking discovery did Bridget make after Nigel's disappearance?
  8. A: Bridget discovered that she was pregnant.
  9. Q: How much time pa*sed since Nigel's disappearance when Chapter 1 begins?
  10. A: Five years have pa*sed since Nigel's disappearance when Chapter 1 begins.
  11. Q: Why did Bridget attend the birthday party at the Intercontinental Hotel?
  12. A: Bridget attended the party to confront Nigel Moyer, who had returned for his mother's birthday.
  13. Q: How did the other guests at the party react to Bridget's presence?
  14. A: Many guests at the party were hostile and derogatory towards Bridget due to her abandonment by the Cole family.
  15. Q: What was the tradition of the Moyer family when it came to birthday gifts?
  16. A: The Moyer family preferred cash gifts over physical presents for birthday parties. There were specific amounts required to secure a seat at the party.
  17. Q: How did Bridget respond to the demand for a gift envelope?
  18. A: Bridget smiled and implied that she had the money to contribute to the birthday fund, surprising those who doubted her.
  19. Q: Who is Hayden, and what is his relationship to Bridget?
  20. A: Hayden is Bridget's son, and he is Nigel Moyer's biological child.

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities


In this intriguing story, Bridget's unexpected appearance at the birthday party with her son hints at an impending confrontation with Nigel Moyer, setting the stage for a dramatic and mysterious tale of secrets, betrayal, and hidden identities.


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