Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities Chapter 2

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Daddy! 

No one said anything in the next second. 

An eerie silence descended on the scene. 

Everyone looked at Hayden, slack-jawed. 

Hayden was delicate and cute, and his eyes with slightly curved corners were just like those men from the Moyer family. 

They wondered, “Is the boy really a member of the Moyer family?” 

Yasmin only noticed Hayden now. 

She looked at him and then clenched her fists. 

The others hadn’t crossed paths with Nigel before, so they had no clue that Hayden bore a striking resemblance to Nigel. 

Leslie was stunned as well. “Bridget, what do you mean? Are you saying that the bastard… the boy’s father is Mr. Jeremy or Mr. Sawyer?” 

Jeremy Moyer was known for his lechery. 

Sawyer Moyer was the bastard son of the Moyer family, and he was not of high status. 

Perhaps there had been something going on between Bridget and those 


Though Bridget was still no match for Yasmin, once Bridget was attached to the Moyer family, no one would dare to look down upon her from now on. 

Before Bridget could say anything, Yasmin beat her to it, saying, “Bridget, this is not the place to talk. It’s about the reputation of the sons of the Moyer family, so you’d better talk to Mrs. Moyer in person. This way, please.” 

Under everyone’s gaze, Bridget was led in by Yasmin and headed for the VIP lounge. 

They were at the only six-star hotel in Nalpure, and a large garden was on the way from the lobby to the lounge. 

Although Bridget had been to a lot of banquets before, she had never seen anyone who could book an entire hotel as a venue. The Moyer family deserved to be called the greatest rich family. 

Hayden was beside her, jumping up and down. He was looking around with bright eyes. “Mommy, it looks like Daddy’s family is rich!” 

He just checked. The Moyer family owned the hotel. 

Those precious and rare plants here were worth at least 160 thousand dollars. 

The valuable artificial lake here was worth at least 1.6 million dollars. 

The whole hotel represented money, and he was attracted deeply. 

The corners of Bridget’s mouth twitched as she saw Hayden look like a miser. Then she recalled that Roslyn loved money as well. It ran in their blood! 

As there was no one else, Yasmin put away her hypocritical face and sneered, “It seems that you have really been down and out in these years. You raised your son to be a bumpkin. He has not seen the world at all!” 

Hayden rolled his eyes and muttered, “It’s indeed hard to raise my 

Mommy, given the rising commodity prices. It would be so great if everyone were like you!” 

Yasmin was confused. “Like me?” 

Hayden stuck out his tongue. “If everyone were as cheap as you!” 

Yasmin said nothing. 

Instead of flaring up, she simply stared at him viciously. She suddenly said fiercely, “Throw the bastard into the lake!” 

The artificial lake was connected to the river outside, and the water ran fast. If a kid was thrown in and didn’t get rescued in time, the kid would be washed away with the current, and there wouldn’t even be a b*dy left! 

Yasmin thought, “Without the boy, no way Bridget gets to recognize the boy’s father!” 

The two security guards behind Yasmin were her confidants. One of them stopped Bridget while the other came at Hayden. 

Bridget narrowed her eyes. “Murder is against the law, Yasmin.” 

Yasmin didn’t panic. She sneered, “Murder? It’s just a kid playing and falling into the lake. We are at a surveillance blind spot. So what if you call the police? Do you have proof?” 

Yasmin’s reaction was so strong that Bridget suddenly realized something. “You know his father is Nigel?” 

Yasmin sneered, “So what? I’m telling you. Nigel and I love each other. I will not allow this bastard to ruin our relationship!” 

Bridget thought, “They love each other? 

“If they’re really getting engaged, where does it leave my relationship with Nigel five years ago?” 

Bridget said firmly, “I want to see Nigel.” 

His sudden disappearance back then was so weird, and she was sure there was something going on. She never liked misunderstanding and insisted on the principle of talking everything out in person. 

Yasmin fiddled with her fingers. “You really think someone as lowly. as you gets to see Nigel as you please? What are you waiting for? Get him!” 

Just as the guard was about to reach Hayden, he sl*pped out from under the guard’s arm. 

Instead of going and getting him, Bridget grabbed Yasmin by the neck and forced her against the fence near the lake. If she loosened her grip, Yasmin would fall into the lake. 

The guards rushed at once without time to care about Hayden. 

Bridget lifted her head indifferently. “Take me to Nigel.” 

Yasmin gritted her teeth in hatred. “His plane was late, and he won’t be here tonight at all. He will go straight back to the Moyer family’s old residence. Stop dreaming!” 

Yasmin would never let Bridget see Nigel! 

Meanwhile, Liam seemed to hear something and came over with several security guards. 

Yasmin’s eyes flickered. She suddenly pushed Bridget away hard and fell into the lake, making a great sound. 

“Bridget pushed Ms. Stout into the lake!” 

“Someone! Help!” 

Several people jumped into the lake and helped Yasmin out. She said with her eyes red, “Liam, she claimed that both Nigel and his two brothers may be the father of her kid. I simply exposed her lies, and she got so angry that she pushed me into the lake…” 

Liam pulled a long face and ordered the guards, “Get them! How dare they cause trouble on the Moyer family’s turf? They’ve got some nerve!” 

Yasmin breathed a sigh of relief. 

She thought, “Once he gets Bridget, I can deal with her however I want.” 

She whispered to the two security guards next to her, “Take advantage of the chaos to knock the boy into the lake and drown him. Make it look like he fell in accidentally.” 

Although Yasmin’s voice was very low, Bridget could see her mouth movements clearly. 

Surrounded by more than a dozen security guards, Bridget frowned slightly. 

Hayden blinked. 

He thought, “Daddy won’t be here? I’m glad that I have precautions. I’ve sent Kristy to block him at the airport.” 


Nigel was at the airport. 

He got off the plane and strode toward the exit. 

Nigel was tall, with a chilling and domineering aura. There were 

b*dyguards surrounding him, making it impossible for the ordinary to approach him at all. 

As soon as he arrived at the VIP pickup hall, he saw Oliver Blanchard standing there wearing a flirty floral shirt and leading a Samoyed dog. 

At Oliver’s side, a delicate girl was holding a dinosaur doll in her arms and staring at the dog without blinking. 

Five-year-old Kristy Moyer clutched the corners of her coat. 

She didn’t like people. She had a mild social phobia and hated talking to strangers. 

Yet the dog was so cute! 

She gathered her courage and walked up to Oliver. “Can I touch the dog?” 

Her timid, cute appearance made it impossible for one to say no to her. 

Oliver teased her, “Say ‘handsome’, and you may touch it.” 

Kristy widened her beautiful eyes. 

Though she had no idea why he would raise such a weird request, she compromised in the end. She said, “Can I touch handsome?” 

Oliver said nothing. 

He was dumbfounded. 

Feeling a strand of cold air, Oliver turned back with surprise. “Finally, Nigel! I’m telling you. This girl is so interesting…” 

Nigel looked at Kristy 

Kristy was looking at him. A few seconds later, her eyes were filled 

with joy, and she shouted, her voice softly and briskly, “Daddy! Go 

and help Mommy and Hayden now!” 

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel
Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 10/5/2023 Native Language: English
Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities" A "Pregnancy Billionaire" novel typically revolves around a plot where a woman unexpectedly becomes pregnant by a wealthy, powerful billionaire, leading to complex romantic, dramatic, and societal conflicts as they navigate the challenges of love, family, and wealth. Read More Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Read Online Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Chapter 1 I'm With Her Grandson Ever wondered what it was like dating a ball of energy? Bridget Cole woke up groggy, her head pounding from last night's intense encounter. She thought, "Who would've guessed that such a good-looking guy could go all night like that? He had endless energy and had S** with me several times nonstop! "Maybe he was that excited about his successful proposal last night?" Sitting up in her hotel bed, Bridget realized Nigel Moyer was nowhere to be found. She grabbed her phone, and dialed his number, intending to talk to him about pacing themselves, but the voice on the other end sent her heart sinking. "Sorry, the number you dialed is not in service." Nigel had disappeared. Bridget searched everywhere for him, but no one had seen him. Worried, she finally called the police.  

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Q: Who is the main character in the story?
  2. A: The main character is Bridget Cole.
  3. Q: What happened to Nigel Moyer after his successful proposal?
  4. A: Nigel Moyer disappeared, and there was no record of him ever existing.
  5. Q: Why did Bridget call the police?
  6. A: Bridget called the police because Nigel Moyer had disappeared without a trace.
  7. Q: What shocking discovery did Bridget make after Nigel's disappearance?
  8. A: Bridget discovered that she was pregnant.
  9. Q: How much time pa*sed since Nigel's disappearance when Chapter 1 begins?
  10. A: Five years have pa*sed since Nigel's disappearance when Chapter 1 begins.
  11. Q: Why did Bridget attend the birthday party at the Intercontinental Hotel?
  12. A: Bridget attended the party to confront Nigel Moyer, who had returned for his mother's birthday.
  13. Q: How did the other guests at the party react to Bridget's presence?
  14. A: Many guests at the party were hostile and derogatory towards Bridget due to her abandonment by the Cole family.
  15. Q: What was the tradition of the Moyer family when it came to birthday gifts?
  16. A: The Moyer family preferred cash gifts over physical presents for birthday parties. There were specific amounts required to secure a seat at the party.
  17. Q: How did Bridget respond to the demand for a gift envelope?
  18. A: Bridget smiled and implied that she had the money to contribute to the birthday fund, surprising those who doubted her.
  19. Q: Who is Hayden, and what is his relationship to Bridget?
  20. A: Hayden is Bridget's son, and he is Nigel Moyer's biological child.

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities


In this intriguing story, Bridget's unexpected appearance at the birthday party with her son hints at an impending confrontation with Nigel Moyer, setting the stage for a dramatic and mysterious tale of secrets, betrayal, and hidden identities.


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