From Boss to Daddy (Yolanda Rose and Xander) Chapter 7

From Boss to Daddy (Yolanda Rose and Xander) Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Mr Youngblood’s Illegitimate Son

Ethan sprinted toward the convenience store outside the kindergarten with some cash in his hand. Though their cla*ses had ended at 3.00PM, their mother had to work until 6.00PM, so they had to wait inside the kindergarten until she came to pick them up. However, Emma scratched her knee when playing on the slide. As her brother, he had to buy sweets to make her feel better. In the meantime, Jonathan bewilderingly followed behind Xander. “Mr. Youngblood, where are we going?” Once he finished speaking, he saw a man with a mask and cap descending a car nearby and dashing toward the boy. “Kidnapping a child in broad daylight?” Jonathan’s eyes widened as he screamed. These kidnappers were brazen! Xander’s gaze dimmed as he rushed to the child before Jonathan could do anything. The scene he dreamt of last night had happened in real life! He rarely had such dreams, but once he did, those dreams would realize. These prophetic downloads stopped after he slept with that woman four years ago, but that was until last night when he dreamed about an unfamiliar boy getting kidnapped at the kindergarten entrance. “Help… Umm!” With his mouth sealed, Ethan felt terrified as he frantically tried to struggle against the man. As the burly man could not restrain him, he cursed out of anxiety, “You brat!” He was anxious to bring the child back into the car but felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. Pow! Following Xander’s punch, the burly man lost consciousness, and his b*dy fell onto the floor. Since Ethan was no longer restrained, he hurried over to Xander and hid behind him. Back inside the car, the kidnapper’s companions paled and ordered, “Let’s leave!” After sensing someone had saved the child, the kidnappers did not insist on capturing Ethan and quickly left the scene. Xander withdrew his gaze and felt a tight grip on the back of his coat. He frowned and demanded, “Kid, let go of me.” His tone sounded agitated, and he seemed rather fierce, appearing more unfriendly than the kidnappers. “Sir, thank—” Ethan gulped and was about to thank the man but was baffled when he saw Xander’s appearance. Gosh. This mister is so handsome! He unexpectedly met eyes with the child, and his face was similarly shocked—a rare occurrence. “Damn it! They got away!” Jonathan was heaving when he finally caught up with his boss and gritted his teeth. “But their escape is futile. I’ve already taken a picture of their license plate. I’ll send it to the cops later. Gosh. I wonder whose unlucky child that was…” While wiping away his sweat, he subconsciously looked at the delicate-looking boy and was instantly shocked. He tremulously pointed at the child, stammering, “M-M-Mr. Youngblood, w-when did you have a son this old?” The boy before him did not just look like Xander but a carbon copy of his boss! Mr. Youngblood is still single, so how could he have a child? “Is this why you refuse to marry Miss Xavier?” Jonathan was in awe. The self-disciplined company president had an illegitimate son! Meanwhile, Xander was appalled when he mentioned Sofia, so he flashed Jonathan a cold stare. “Don’t speak if you have nothing nice to say.” “Excuse me for being nosy, but who is your wife?” Jonathan could not hold back his urge to gossip. Feeling his temples throbbing, Xander reprimanded, “If you don’t shut up now, I’ll revoke your year-end bonus.” “I’m sorry. I won’t cross the line again!” Jonathan immediately surrendered, but he was still looking at the two with skeptical eyes. If that child was not Xander’s illegitimate son, why would he wait outside the kindergarten for two hours? On the other hand, Ethan was oblivious to the dark aura surrounding Xander. He stared at the man dazedly, and his eyes suddenly brightened. “Daddy!” Then, he lunged at Xander and happily hugged his legs. “Daddy, are you here to send me and Emma home?” “What’s this? You had two children behind my back?!” Jonathan shrieked. “He’s clearly your son. You guys look almost identical. How can you still deny it?” Xander was left speechless.
From Boss to Daddy (Yolanda Rose and Xander) Novel

From Boss to Daddy (Yolanda Rose and Xander) Novel

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“From Boss to Daddy (Yolanda Rose and Xander)” A hot romance CEO novel defies conventions as it sizzles with pa*sion and power struggles. Amidst corporate intrigue, love ignites, pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms. Sparks fly as the CEO and their love interest embark on a thrilling journey of desire and defiance, setting hearts ablaze with each encounter. Read More Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

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Yolanda Rose endured an experience that no woman ever had to experience, all because of her adoptive father's ruse. Four years later, she returned to town with cute twins and joined a competing company with two things: a secret formula and the determination to reclaim everything that was once hers. Unfortunately, for her, right after joining the company, she offended the boss, whom she discovered as her step-sister's boyfriend! Yolanda intended to leave the scene as she refused to be ambiguous with such a man, but he cornered her and relentlessly begged her to marry him while spoiling her. He then retorted that it was human nature to care for his close family.
From Boss to Daddy (Yolanda Rose and Xander) Novel

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Title From Boss to Daddy (Yolanda Rose and Xander)
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From Boss to Daddy (Yolanda Rose and Xander)


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