Facade of Love Chapter 350

Facade of Love Chapter 350

Chapter 350 CrewCut Man 

I had my own car, but at this late hour, Charlie would worry if I went back alone. Thus, I just nodded

Before I left, I wished Charlie a happy birthday and added, If you’re free tomorrow, how about letting me plan the day?” 

He gave a light smile and nodded. What’s the plan?” 

I grinned. I’ll fill you in tomorrow. Just get some sleep and don’t overthink things for now. Remember, a world with flowers and great food can heal just about anything. After good meal and some rest, you’ll wake up to a brandnew day.” 

He paused, then smiled and nodded. Sounds good.” 

I was not the best at giving pep talks, and my words might have been a bit corny, but they were true enough. I hoped he would take them to heart

After our farewells, Inch and I stepped out of the villa into the courtyard, where a black SUV waited, along with a man in black sporting a crew cut

He looked like he had been waiting for a while. As we approached, he asked Inch, Is Mr. Yates all set?” 

Inch shot me a look that was less than thrilled and told the crewcut man, “Head on in.” 

The man just nodded and made his way into the villa, leaving us to our own devices

The guy had a vibe that screamed trouble. As he passed by me, I instinctively scooted away. Glancing back at me with a grin, Inch said, Ms. Scott, someone will bring your car over tomorrow. I’ll drive you home tonight.” 

I gave him a nod

During the ride, curiosity was eating at me, and I blurted out to Inch, Is Mr. Yates still tied up with something at this hour?That guy earlier definitely went in to see Charlie

The question arose as to why Charlie would be meeting with Mr. Bad Vibes at this time. What could they possibly have to talk about so late at night, especially on his birthday

Inch’s voice was cool as he explained, It’s not business. The guy is a friend from Silvana who probably stopped by for Charlie’s birthday. He was just really late, and Mr. Yates did not have the heart to turn him away, so he let him in.” 

I raised an eyebrow. Who shows up for a birthday bash at the crack of dawn

When I left earlier, I caught the look on that guy’s face. He seemed to have been waiting outside the whole time, like he was waiting for Charlie to wrap up before calling him over

I had my doubts, but I knew better than to guess at other people’s business. I shook off the thoughts and decided not to dwell on it

After the night’s drama, I was beat. My mind went blank, my head started to droop, and I was seriously struggling to keep my eyes open 

all the way home

We finally pulled up at the Scottsplace, and it was Inch who broke the silence. Ms. Scott

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Chapter 350 Crew Cut Man 

we’re here.” 

At the sound of his voice, I peered out at the familiar yard, nodded, opened the door, and stepped out

Ms. Scott.I had not gone far when Inch called out from behind

I paused and turned around. What’s up?” 

He looked at me with a solemn face and said, Thanks for everything tonight.‘ 


I gave him a small, knowing smile. Grateful? Are you trying to tell me you’re touched because I dashed out in the dead of night to whip up some birthday pie for Charlie? Hey, don’t make a big deal out of it. I was joking!” 

He paused, a bit taken aback, then let out a laugh. I really appreciate it. You have been a huge help.” 

I got what he was saying and grinned back. Got it. You and Mr. Yates are buds, and so are we. It would be pretty lame if I knew it was his birthday and didn’t do anything. Friends are there to have each other’s backs during the rough patches, are they not? Plus, who knows? There might come a day when I’m the one feeling blue and need you guys to hang out with me, right

He flashed a big smile and agreed, Absolutely!” 

I waved him off and headed home. It was late, and I was not sure if Mom and Maxwell had made it back yet. I went to the bedroom and was out like a light in no time

The next morning, the snowfall had stopped, but a thick blanket of snow still lay untouched. The sky was clear, though the air was bitingly cold, with the roads a slick sheet of ice. I lingered by the window before heading downstairs, where I found some bread and milk on the table. It was definitely Mom’s doing. She had left me a text too, telling me that she was off to the hospital to see Alice and to make do with bread and milk for breakfast. Not one to fuss, I had a quick bite and stepped outside

To my surprise, there was Charlie, bundled up in the backseat of a car parked outside the Scotts place, with Inch at the wheel. Inch gave me a wave as I came out. I stood there, a bit stunned, then strolled over with a smile. What brought you by so early?” 

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