Facade of Love Chapter 347

Facade of Love Chapter 347

Chapter 347 His Birthday 

I took a deep breath, feeling a pang of guilt wash over me. I had no clue today was Charlie’s birthday. He had hinted at wanting to grab dinner together tonight, but I had my hesitations and suggested we should hang out some other time instead

He must have wanted me to join his birthday celebration. Regrettably, I just brushed him off

As I stayed quiet, Inch’s voice broke through the silence on the other end of the line.Something’s off with Sir today. His old caretakers say he has never been one for birthdays. But today, he had a cake made, just stared at it for a while, and then, without taking a single bite, he headed outside to watch the snow. He’s been out there for over two hours now, Ms. Scott. I’m at a loss for who to call. Lately, I’ve noticed he really enjoys your company. He sees you as a true friend. Could you talk to him? His wellbeing is at stake.” 

I paused for a moment before responding, Okay, I got it.” 

Inch thanked me and hung up after hearing my answer

I did not immediately call Charlie back. He had tried to reach out earlier, probably feeling down and wanting to chat, but I missed the signs, so he ended the call

Calling him now would make it too obvious that Inch had filled me in

Charlie had his pride. Knowing that Inch had shared this with me, he might not want to hear anything I would have to say

I mulled it over and decided to change my outfit in the cloakroom

Half an hour later

I was thankful for remembering Charlie’s villa as I pulled up. I parked and walked up to the gate, pressing the doorbell. It did not take long for someone to answer

It was Inch who greeted me, a look of surprise quickly giving way to a warm smile. Ms. Scott, what are you doing here?” 

I waved a bunch of colorful lollipops in the air and grinned, I’m here to party it up for Mr. Yates’s birthday with you guys. What’s up? Don’t tell me I’m crashing your fun?” 

Quick to shake his head, Inch stepped aside to let me pass and ushered me into Charlie’s sprawling villa courtyard

The city had been blanketed in a thick layer of snow all day, and Charlie’s place was no different. The courtyard was a winter wonderland, with only the stone path cleared, making the rest of the yard look like a fluffy, snowcovered scene straight out of a storybook

Charlie was out in the pavilion, taking in the snowy view. He was parked in his wheelchair, a white blanket thrown over his legs, and his cheeks were tinged with a red that screamed he had been out in the cold too long

The guy was a looker, with his stylishly messy hair falling just right over his forehead. I trailed behind Inch, catching only a glimpse of Charlie’s sharp profile and the cool vibe he gave off

I could not tell what was on his mind, but his handsome face had this faroff look, and his eyeswere kind of empty, like he was carrying around a heavy heart

Chapter 47 His Birtusy 


He’s been out here by himself for ages, and he’s not letting anyone close. You can try,Inch whispered, stopping just outside the pavilion

I nodded and crept up to the pavilion. I had not made it far when a biting voice cut through the silence, Leave!” 

That was Charlie, all frost and no warmth, not in the mood for company

His voice caught me off guard. However, thinking back on what Inch said, I figured Charlie must be feeling pretty alone right now. Everyone had got their secret soft spots they did not want people poking at, and Charlie was no different

I stepped up behind Charlie and gently placed the lollipops in his lap, saying over his shoulder, Whoa, tiger! Looks like I’m not welcome. I guess I’ll head out, then.” 

He froze for a split second, whipping his head around to face me. His eyes widened in shock when he saw me, and his usually cool composure slipped. What are you doing here?he blurted out

I bit my lip, hands clasped behind me, and met his gaze. Isn’t today your birthday? I came to celebrate with you. But you don’t seem too thrilled to see me, so maybe I’ll just head out.” 

I turned to leave, but his voice stopped me. Wait.” 

I looked back at him, barely hiding a smirk. He bit his lip, a rare sign of awkwardness. Sorry, I didn’t realize it was you. What I said wasn’t meant for you.” 

I put on a mock pout. Whether you meant it for me or not, you still said it.” 

Chapter 248 Swan Enough

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