Facade of Love Chapter 346

Facade of Love Chapter 346

Chapter 346 The Boy Left Behind in the Snow 

I said okay and hung up without asking more about Alice’s accident

I had not asked Idris or Mom how Alice got hurt. It was partly because I had my own stuff to deal with and also because I was not exactly close enough to Alice to be fussing over her. For some reason I could not quite put my finger on, I just did not feel comfortable around Alice. It was probably because we were just not close

The house was quiet, the evening shadows creeping in as I headed back to my room for a bath. After a day spent shivering in the cold, sinking into the warmth of a hot bath was pure bliss. Wrapped in the comfort of my towel, my phone buzzed from where it lay at the foot of my bed. It was Charlie, I answered it to hear his deep voice. Are you busy?” 

I paused. No. What’s going on?” 

I could not see his face and could not guess what was behind his call, so I waited

His voice was as smooth as ever. I just noticed it’s snowing outside. I felt like calling you.” 

His tone was hard to read, but something told me he was not in the best of spirits

I tried to lighten the mood. Snow’s a rare guest in Lake City. It’s pretty magical this year, Isn’t it?” 


He hummed a response, then silence

I glanced at the clock. It was already ten. Fresh from my bath, sleepiness was setting in, and I wondered what made Charlie ring me up so late

I thought about ending the call, but what if he needed someone to talk to? He did not have many friends in Lake City. It would not be right to just hang up on him

While I was still hesitating, his voice cut through the silence. Tired?” 

1 let out a sleepy hum, and I could almost hear the smile in his voice as he said, Alright then. Sleep well.‘ 

The line went dead

Holding the silent phone, a bit lost, I shrugged it off and set it down to dry my hair

An hour later, I was cozied up in bed, phone in hand. I noticed a few new texts from Inch

[Ms. Scott, are you asleep?

He must have been waiting for a reply because soon after, another message popped up

[Sorry to bug you so late, but I’m at a loss here. Can you try talking some sense into Mr. Yates?

That text made me frown, and I quickly called Inch

Lucky for me, he picked up almost immediately

Ms. Scott, sorry for the late call.Inch’s voice was raspy

Chapter 346 The Boy Left Behind in the Snow 

I did not beat around the bush. What’s up with Mr. Yates?” 

There was a heavy silence before he let out a weary sigh. He’s been out in the snow for nearly two hours, just sitting there. I cannot get him to move. He says he wants to take in the snowy view, but you know his leg is in bad shape. It can’t handle this kind of stress. Things are only going to get worse.” 

I was confused. What’s gotten into him? Can’t he just watch the snow from indoors? Why go outside?” 

Inch paused, his voice dropping. He was abandoned in the snow when he was just a little kid. He ended up being adopted and moved to Silvana.” 

My frown deepened. He doesn’t like snow?” 

Inch let out a sigh. The day he was left behind was his birthday, which is today. He used to live in Silvana where it never snows, so it didn’t really hit him before. Now, in Lake City, with the snowfallit’s hitting him hard.” 

I froze, the pieces clicking into place. Charlie had been left alone in a blizzard on his birthday when he was young

That explained why he was always so distant when he talked about his childhood, saying he did not really have one and had no family or friends. I had no idea… 

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Yvette Scott had been married for two years, and while it wasn’t as bad as the internet told her it would be, it wasn’t great either. After their divorce, Idris Young told her that if they could start over again, he would never let her suffer so much or endure so much injustice. He would truly love her if he got the chance to do everything over. However, Yvette smiled and declined. She could no longer wallow in the good memories of the past: she had to move on. Every step she took in the opposite direction was another wave farewell. She had exhausted all her good fortune with him, so there was no point trying again. Facade of Love Novel


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