Facade of Love Chapter 342

Facade of Love Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Overheard by Chance 

With eamest eyes, Ariel offered me her wellwon but dearly cherished stuffed rabbit 

I was honestly taken aback that she wanted the backpack You don’t have to trade,I said. Consider the badpack a gift. Let’s be friends, okay?” 

The little girl paused, fidgeting for a few seconds before she shyly pulled a piece of candy from her cat and handed it to me. For you,she said

I was toured, a smile spreading across my face as I accepted the candy and handed her the backpack 

With the backpack now in her arms, she beamed and scampered off to where the other kids were resting 

Surprised, I turned to Idris. How did you know she would like the backpack??” 

littis looked as calm as ever. She’s been eyeing that bag for a while. It was pretty obvious.” 


He was quite observant, huh

After we finished handing out items, with the snow coming down hard outside, we were concerned about the kids catching a chill, so everyone stayed in to play

I had never been great with kids, so I sat out, and Idris did too. He was like a statue when he was quiet 

Concerned that he might be a bit out of place just standing around in the classroom, I invited him to join me in the hallway to watch the snowfall 

This place is going to be tom down soon,he said out of the blue. I turned to him, puzzled. What?TM 

He arched an eyebrow and explained in his usual even tone, This land is owned by Young Corporation. It’s included in the new district development plan. They’ve got six months to 

clear out.” 

The news that he blurted out was unexpected. I looked at him and asked, Where will all these kids go?TM 

Finding a new home for them was not just about getting a roof over their heads. They needed food, clothes, and all the basics. Without some outside help, the director could not make ends meet with just government aid

Idris glanced down at me, a slight smile playing on his lips. Do you really see me as some cold -hearted tycoon?” 

I bit my lip and stayed quiet. It was not that I saw him that way. It was just that relocating all those kids would cost a fortune. Business was business, and the land was the Youngsto start with. The fact remained that if they did not find a way to help the kids and just sent them packing, well, it would not be the first time something like that happened

When I did not say anything, Idris chuckled, a bit of resignation in his voice. You know, Grandma gave a lot to the orphanage over the years. She’s got their futures all figured out.” 

Madam Young

That name hit me like a flashback to a decade ago. Madam Young was not just about 

orphanages; she built schools in the mountains, donated to charities, and helped kids in the poorest places

She was driven by a sense of guilt, pouring her heart into charity work as if she had something to make up for

I kept these thoughts to myself as I wandered down the hallway, the falling snow painting a serene picture outside. Getting these kids settled, giving them a chance at a different life…. that’s something good, right?” 

Idris’s phone buzzed, and he stepped away to take the call. I leaned over the railing, lost in the winter wonderland

My mind drifted to Maxwell’s parentsuntimely deaths. He has been digging for answers lately, and I wondered how that was going. I knew the whole story but could not find the words to tell it

It was like being caught between a rock and a hard place. On one side, there was the Youngs trust in me, and on the other, the truth that weighed a hundred lost souls. Even after ten years, what could I say

Zoe, I’m really sorry, but I just can’t give you the answer you’re hoping for. You’re an amazing girl,came a voice from the stairwell that stopped me in my tracks. It was so familiar



What was going on with them

I was about to bail when I spotted Alice coming our way, scanning the area as if she was on a mission to find someone

Rather than walking up to her and crashing Zoe and Maxwell’s intense moment, I made my choice in a split second, ducked back, and hid behind a stone column to stay out of her sight

Their voices kept floating over from the stairs

Zoe sounded like she was fighting back tears. So, you’re turning me down?” 

Everything went quiet for a few heartbeats, then Maxwell’s voice cut through, icy and firm, Zoe, we’re just not right for each other. It’s on me. I should’ve been clear with you from the get -go and not strung you along. I’m not cut out for marriage or even dating. I can’t give you the kind of security and peace of mind you’re looking for. I’m sorry, but I can’t return your feelings.” 

Chapter 343 The Crushed Confession 

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Facade of Love Novel

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Yvette Scott had been married for two years, and while it wasn’t as bad as the internet told her it would be, it wasn’t great either. After their divorce, Idris Young told her that if they could start over again, he would never let her suffer so much or endure so much injustice. He would truly love her if he got the chance to do everything over. However, Yvette smiled and declined. She could no longer wallow in the good memories of the past: she had to move on. Every step she took in the opposite direction was another wave farewell. She had exhausted all her good fortune with him, so there was no point trying again. Facade of Love Novel


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