Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M Chapter 343

Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M Chapter 343

Chapter 0343 

I nod my head, understanding why the call would have him on edge. I wanted to rush there as fast as I could, but we also had guests, and Noah’s birthday was still in full blast

Let’s be done with Noah’s party first, then we will go and meet with Brian,I tell them, standing up

We all agree on that and head back to the party

I was right; Rowan had left Iris with my parents. I go to my friends who have worried looks on their faces

What’s going on? And where are Emma, Trevor, and Kate?Letty’s eyes scan the area, probably looking for her boyfriend

Emma was arrested, so Trevor and Kate followed her to the station.” 


Their shocked shout startled some kids who were playing near us. I sush them and then told them everything that had happened. Calvin still had the cold and detached look, whereas Corrine and Letty just looked stunned

Why would they think it’s Emma?Corrine poses the question that has been driving me insane since Emma was arrested

That’s what I’d like to know,I replied. The cops just told us that their order was to arrest Emma. They didn’t really give any other explanation.” 

We sit silently. Each of us was lost in our own thoughts. The party flies by quickly after that. It was a blur because all I could think about was Emma and what the chief of police wanted to tell us. I couldn’t focus anymore on the party. Not even when Sierra came and chatted me up a little bit

Letty left earlier that intended, but I understood. She may not be Emma’s biggest fan, but she had to be there for Trevor. She had been torn at first on whether to stay with me or go. I assured her that I was okay and pushed her to go be with Travis.

When the party was finally over, I wanted to rush over to the station. We said our goodbyes to the guests and soon just friends and family remained

Mom, can Gunner stay over for the night?Noah asked, his face still radiating happiness from the events of today

I turn to Calvin, silently asking if it was okay with him. When he nods, I face Noah and give him a small smile

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Yeah, sureYou two can have a sleepover.” 

They screech in happiness, before Noah grabs Gunner’s hand and they rush up the stairs. A few minutes later we hear his bedroom door opening then closing

Are you ready?Noah asks. We can leave right now if you are.” 

My parents look at me in question, and it hits me that I didn’t tell them what had happened. I give them and Rowan’s parents a quick and short version

You guys go. We can stay here with the kids,Rowan’s mom says after I’m done

Since everyone was okay with the idea, we left in different cars, but I drove with Rowan

Do you think she’s guilty?I asked after a while of driving

I was curious to hear his thoughts, but I also wanted to see his reaction. After all, this is the woman he once loved

“I don’t know,he begins, sideeyeing me before his eyes focus on the road. I mean, she did have motives, and it wasn’t once or twice that you two had an altercation since she came back.” 


Yeah. I found out she verbally attacked you and warned you to stay away from me a few times. So yes, she may have done so. If it were Emma I knew, I would have disagreed, but the Emma that came back is different and capable of anything.” 

I kept quiet after that. I just didn’t know what to believe. I mean, without my memory, I can’t really tell what type of woman Emma became. Sure, there were two times after I woke up from my coma when she was nasty to me, but did that translate to her wanting me dead

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Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M Novel

Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M Novel

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Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M Novel

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Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M


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