Can’t Win Chapter 1219

Can’t Win Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219 

The ballroom dance had ended by then. The spotlight shifted to the center of the hall as all attention turned to the Jesseltons. The Becketts and the Harpers nervously stared at Ezzo. 

The Harpers hoped to resolve their current crisis by winning the project with the Jesseltons. Meanwhile, the Becketts wanted the project to boost their performance and as a middle finger to the Taylors after what Alyssa had done to them. 

Among all the competitors, Winston appeared the most uninterested. He seemed more concerned by the whereabouts of his daughter. Where did Alyssa go? He wondered if she was snogging Jasper in a quiet corner and blushed at the indecent scenes that flashed across 

his mind. 

He wasn’t a narrow-minded old fart. Besides, Alyssa was once married to Jasper, and the two had cohabitated for quite a whi Solana City. It was a miracle she hadn’t gotten pregnant by him. he would rather they pick a more suitable occasion for intimacy. 

Soon, he realized that his obedient Tatiana was also nowhere to be seen. As he blankly scanned the surroundings, Alyssa and Jasper showed up before him. 


“Mr. Taylor.” 

Winston couldn’t help but grin. He was filled with pride at the sight of the loving couple. Jasper, whom he wasn’t fond of in the past, appeared more pleasant to the eye now. 

“You cheeky child. Where did you go just now?” Winston grumbled and was gripped by worry when he noticed her pale face. “What’s 


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Looking serious, she shook her head. “I’m fine.” 

“Where’s Jonah? I called him, too. Why isn’t he around?” 

“He has something to deal with. He’ll join us soon,” she replied flatly. 

With a frown, Winston interrogated, “How about Taty? I haven’t seen. her for a while.” 

The look in Jasper’s eyes hardened as he clenched his jaw. At the same time, Alyssa cast a hostile look at Victor.. 

“Hahaha! Winston, it must have slipped your mind. Wasn’t Taty chatting enthusiastically with David at the start of the ball? I bet those young people find a business event boring. They must be chatting away in some corner right now,” Victor remarked with a smile. “I have known Taty since she was a kid. She’s the most quiet among all your kids. I’m surprised she has a lot to talk to David. I think they’re very interested in each other and compatible!” 

Alyssa snickered at the remark, causing the air to freeze. Victor’s soured, but he forced a smile out of consideration for his friends with the Taylors. “Lyse, you seem to be in a bad mood. Did someon upset you?” 

“Mr. Schmidt, Taty isn’t interested in your crippled son. Are you too senile to tell?” Alyssa squinted dangerously. 

The smile froze on Victor’s face, and his irritation flared at the brash young lady. Perhaps Alyssa was spoilt rotten by Winston or too full of herself after she was pursued by both Jasper and Jameson, fueling her self-importance and her haughty attitude. 

“Lyse, watch your attitude! That was rude,” Winston quietly chided his daughter, puzzled by her unexplained hostility toward the Schmidts. 

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“Hey, Winston, it’s fine. Don’t say that to your child. I’ll feel bad as her godfather,” Victor expressed his magnanimity. 

Not only that, he showed his gratitude. “Had it not been for Lyse’s 

help, David wouldn’t have stood a chance to recover. She’s our benefactor, so please be nice to her.” 

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