Can’t Win Chapter 1217

Can’t Win Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217 

Tatiana drew a deep breath. Moments later, she frowned when she recalled a waiter who had bumped into her. “When I left the hall, I 

bumped into a waiter. That was when I felt a sting on my arm like a bee sting. It hurts a little, but only for a few seconds.” 

David’s secretary was taken aback. He had no idea about the waiter at all. Only David appeared stunned, and his eyes darted in guilt.. 

Alyssa’s chest tightened. She quickly checked Tatiana’s slender arm and noticed a tiny, reddened puncture on her pale skin. 

“Damn it!” she hissed, feeling sorry for Tatiana. “What did you inject into Tatiana, you bastard?” 

“I told you, it was she who seduced me in the first place. I have nothing to do with this!” David insisted, even though his heart was pumping wildly. 

In the beginning, he was confident that Alyssa and everyone else no evidence against her. However, after the androgynous doctor showed up and dissected the facts, they seemed one step closer t 

the truth. 

Rage burned in Jasper’s eyes. He grabbed David by the hair and lifted him, making David hiss in pain. He warned, “If you injected something foul into my sister, I will do the same to you.” 

Frowning, Julien performed a checkup on Tatiana and examined her eyes. Soon, he sighed in relief. “It doesn’t seem serious. She has a high heart rate and warm body temperature, both signs of 

anesthetics overdose. 

“When I was in Mosgravia, I learned that there was a new form of 

anesthetics with stronger effects that could be injected into the body. 

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checkup regardless. 

“Thank you, Dr. Lovelace,” Sean thanked him between sobs. 

“Don’t mention it. Tatiana is Jonah’s sister. Of course, I’ll have to do my best to help her.” Then, Julien cast an affectionate and suggestive glance at Jonah, remarking, “Who knows? We might be family one day.” 

Alyssa and the others were thinking hard about how best to punish. David, and they were oblivious to Julien’s flirting. Jonah stared at hist feet and cleared his throat embarrassedly. 

Julien grinned happily and said, “Now, all we need is to perform a 

blood test on Tatiana. We’ll know if someone has forced themselves 

on her. Someone’s wrongdoing is going to be revealed soon.” 

“What do I have to do with Tatiana getting an aphrodisiac injection?” thundered David. “You’re slandering me! Alyssa, I bet you’re framing me because you hate seeing your sister in an arranged marria ith the Schmidts. You’re trying to get back at us! What an evil bi 


“Hm? When did I specify that Tatiana received a shot of aphrodisia Julien chuckled, feeling a little sympathetic toward the dumb and e David. “I mentioned the side effects of anesthetics overdose, but have never once talked about aphrodisiacs. Besides, I never claimed that someone had made an injection. How are you so sure about all the details?” 

“You-” David nearly fainted from the anger. 

Suddenly, they were interrupted by a phone call to Jasper. 

“Landon, how’s everything?” 

“Jasper, you’re amazingly right!” Landon yelped in excitement. “I 

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castle. My men found a suspicious waiter who attempted an escape, and we looked into his background. Guess what? He’s a Schmidt bodyguard disguised as a waiter!” 

The secretary stared agape at David. He couldn’t believe that David had something up his sleeve. He knew nothing about it, even as David’s right-hand man. The Schmidts were indeed sly like they were. rumored to be. 

Jasper issued a casual threat, “Sorry for the trouble, Landon. Please get the man under arrest and send him to the police after the event.” 

“No problem! But Jasper, I think you should keep him as your personal punching bag instead of handing him over to the police. Your and Lyse can practice boxing when you’re free. Isn’t that useful?” Landon chuckled at the wretched idea. 

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Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

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Can't Win Me Back by Ginger Sue Novel Read Online

Alyssa Taylor kept her true identity a secret during her marriage to Jasper Beckett. She thought her burning passion would warm his stone-cold heart, but after three years as promised, all he gives her is a divorce agreement. Disappointed, Alyssa goes through with the divorce and goes back to being the scion of the wealthy Taylor family.Not only is she filthy rich, but she’s also a skilled doctor, elite hacker, and champion fencer. At an auction, she spends money like water to embarrass the other woman who ruined her marriage, and in the business world, she snaps up all of her ex-husband’s deals. Stunned, Jasper questions her, “Alyssa, do you have to be so ruthless?” In answer, she only smiles and says, “This is nothing but a tiny fraction of what you did to me before!”

Can't Win Me Back by Ginger Sue


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