Can’t Win Chapter 1159

Can’t Win Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159 

Jameson perked up upon hearing the man’s willingness to assist. 

Please elaborate.” 

“Check your phone. I have a gift for you.” 

Jameson immediately looked at his phone screen. There, he discovered a new email notification. 

Meanwhile, Amber observed Jameson’s tensing posture intently, her curiosity deepening regarding the identity of the caller who was 

capable of affecting Jameson. 

Pursing his pallid lips, Jameson tapped on the newly received email, which contained an attachment of a hospital diagnosis. Furrowing his brows, he swiftly checked the contents, which left him visibly shocked. 

His heart raced, and he almost lost his grip on the phone. 

The caller chuckled. “What’s wrong? Is it too shocking for you?” 

“Is that real? No, it’s not true …” Jameson mumbled, repeatedly checking the document. He trembled uncontrollably as his blood ran cold. “How could Lyse have been pregnant with Jasper’s baby? How could they have had a child together?” 

“What’s the problem? Will you love her less just because she was once pregnant?” The caller snorted and added indifferently, “You should be thankful that she suffered a miscarriage. Otherwise, you’ll be fathering Jasper Beckett’s kid. Being a stepfather is not a walk in the park.” 

Crushed by the truth, Jameson’s eyes flickered with resentment as he grappled with the heartache. 

The caller disregarded his emotional turmoil and added with a smile, Jasper Beckett himself didn’t know about her pregnancy and 

miscarriage. She kept it a secret from him. Not only that, she kept it 

from her dad and her brothers. 

“Just imagine the men of the Taylor family learning about the miscarriage and infertility of their precious Alyssa, all because of Jasper. Do you think they’ll still give their blessings to her and Jasper? That’s impossible!” 

Jameson grasped his phone tightly as pain coursed through his veins. He looked sickly. 

The caller was right. Alyssa’s greatest pain in life was losing her child. Jameson believed he could exploit her vulnerability to drive a wedge between her and Jasper. He resolved to go to any lengths to ruin her relationship with Jasper. 

Collecting himself, he responded, “Thank you for your help. If I win Alyssa’s heart, I’ll repay you in any way possible.” His eyes flashed with a menacing look. 

“You’ve been of great help to me by managing my business in 

Kontina. This is a small favor. Don’t mention it.” After a pause, the 

caller suddenly reminded him, “By the way, keep our exchange a 

secret. Leaking it will only backfire on you.” 

“Got it. I’ve chosen a representative to release the news,” Jameson said, adjusting his glasses with an evil grin. “She’s the best candidate.” 

The incident at the horseracing event had thrust the Becketts and the Harpers into a severe PR crisis. Despite the Beckett Group PR department’s efforts to control and remove the videos, the discussion surrounding Sophia’s video remained intense. 


Regrettably, the video repeatedly resurfaced because the netizens made copies and spread them like the plague. The Beckett Group failed to get rid of the embarrassing videos once and for all. 

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