Can’t Win Chapter 1158

Can’t Win Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 

Jameson panted heavily as sweat trickled down his chiseled face. His eyes gleamed with malice, like a devil emerging from the depths of hell. A sense of satisfaction enveloped him after his recent predation. 

“Mr. Schmidt,” Carl and Amber greeted him in unison. 

Jameson tossed the blood-stained whip onto the floor and took off his glasses. He then wiped off the blood on the glasses with the hem 

of his shirt. 

Back in Kontina, he’d go hunting whenever he was in a foul mood. Unfortunately, Solana City didn’t have any hunting grounds. Left with no choice, he was forced to release his frustration on human beings 


To his surprise, he found torturing humans much more enjoyable than hunting wild animals, a practice he intended to continue. 

Carl and Amber silently trailed him to his room. Observing the blood on Jameson’s hand, Carl nudged Amber. “Ms. Altman, Mr. Schmidt is injured. Please tend to his wound.” 

Taken aback, Amber hesitated briefly before offering, “Mr. Schmidt, your hand is injured. I’ll-Ah!” 

Before she knew it, Jameson had aggressively dragged her into his bedroom and slammed the door shut, leaving Carl worrying for her 

fate at the door. 

In the room, Jameson fervently kissed her on the lips as he tore her clothes. She found herself in only her undergarments as they stumbled onto the bed. Protectively folding her arms across her chest, she trembled. “No… Please, no … Mr. Schmidt…” 


“Amber Altman, how dare you refuse me?” Jameson mounted her soft body and glowered at her face, which bore an uncanny 

resemblance with Alyssa. “You’re not Alyssa. Do you think you could turn me down as she did?” 

With that, he slapped her across the face, causing her cheeks to swell and her ears to ring. 

In her decade of service to Jameson, he had never forced himself on her despite treating her like a tool. 

The slap shattered any illusions she held about Jameson. He was no longer the perfect and kind gentleman she once knew. 

Jameson paused, about to speak, but a ringing phone interrupted him. He frowned when he saw the caller ID. “Why are you calling me?” 

“You’ll have trouble settling your problem without my help. Isn’t that right?” the caller teased with a snicker. 

Jameson turned his back on Amber, yet she could overhear the caller’s voice-a deep, distinctive, melodious tone. 

“I’m surprised you heard about it,” Jameson replied respectfully, surprising Amber. 

“Of course. Ms. Alyssa is a well-known name. Not only is she a rare beauty, but she’s also stubborn, sassy, and exceptional. I admire those qualities in her.” 

Jameson felt his chest tighten. He bit his lower lip nervously. 

The man continued, “Don’t worry. I observe the bro code. I would 

never pursue the woman you have your eyes on.” 

With a chuckle, he added, “Not only that, I’ll lend you a hand in winning Ms. Alyssa’s heart.” 


Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

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Can't Win Me Back by Ginger Sue Novel Read Online

Alyssa Taylor kept her true identity a secret during her marriage to Jasper Beckett. She thought her burning passion would warm his stone-cold heart, but after three years as promised, all he gives her is a divorce agreement. Disappointed, Alyssa goes through with the divorce and goes back to being the scion of the wealthy Taylor family.Not only is she filthy rich, but she’s also a skilled doctor, elite hacker, and champion fencer. At an auction, she spends money like water to embarrass the other woman who ruined her marriage, and in the business world, she snaps up all of her ex-husband’s deals. Stunned, Jasper questions her, “Alyssa, do you have to be so ruthless?” In answer, she only smiles and says, “This is nothing but a tiny fraction of what you did to me before!”

Can't Win Me Back by Ginger Sue


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