Can’t Win Chapter 1155

Can’t Win Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 

Sllas added, “By then, you will no longer be a heartless bastard but a crying bastard.” 

Jasper felt his blood boiling in him. He bit his thin lip and held it in. All of you may be Lyse’s brothers, but Lyse has a man. Besides, all of you are adults now. You should know how to respect boundaries.” 

Silas almost choked after hearing his words. He patted his chest and glared at him. “If Axel heard what you said, he will make sure you pay with your life right here and now.” 

“He won’t.” Jasper perked his brow slightly. “He wouldn’t want his sister to turn into a widow.” 

Silas was rendered speechless. 

Cyrus, absorbed in Sophia’s serious case, was extremely busy. Sophia wasn’t just involved in drugs; she had killed people. If he didn’t convict her and avenge the deceased, he couldn’t live with himself. 

After dinner, they went to the living hall to discuss some matters. 

Just then, Cyrus’ phone rang. It was a call from his colleague at th station. As he hung up, his face darkened gradually. 

“What’s the matter, Cyrus?” Alyssa asked with concern. 

Cyrus looked at Jasper with a conflicted look. “Mr. Beckett, your father hired the best attorney in Solana City for Sophia. He is now at the police station asking for a bail for Sophia.” 

“Shit! Does he think we’ll let him bail her just because he asked for it? Does he take the police station for his home kitchen?” Xavier seethed with anger. 



Xavier continued, “Some attorneys have no morals. They’d take any case that comes their way. How is the law fair for everyone? From where I’m standing, he is a slave for money, a degenerate of society!”. 

“The best attorney in Solana City?” 

Jasper and Alyssa exchanged knowing glances. “Is it Simon?” 

“Do both of you know him?” Cyrus asked, surprised. 

“Please, we know him better than you think. We’re ‘old pals.” Alyssa sneered. 

“Yes, he’s the seasoned lackey of Beckett Group!” 

Simon was unscrupulous and conniving. He was not an easy man to handle. 

“We need to convict Sophia of her crimes as soon as possible. If it’s for drug use, the Beckett Group’s power and Simon’s legal prowess would likely bail her out.” 

Silas gazed at Jasper with seriousness. “Jasper, I’ve reviewed your mother’s case file. The incident is two decades old, so the statute of limitations has expired. If you’re considering suing Sophia for first- degree murder, the chances of winning are minimal.” 

Alyssa’s eyes narrowed slightly as she stared in shock at the side of Jasper’s face. She couldn’t believe that Jasper had asked Silas for help. He was truly doing everything in his power to avenge his mother. 

Moreover, Jeffrey was the one who executed Nina’s murder, while Sophia was the instigator and accomplice. If Simon defended Sophia by shifting all the blame onto Jeffrey, she would only face a decade in prison, not the death penalty. 

The air between them suddenly turned still. It was so tense that everyone could barely breathe. 


“Silas, we have a recording of Nina when she was alive. Can’t we 

convict Sophia of her crimes based on the conversation between her and Betty in the recording?” 

Silas shook his head helplessly. “That was recorded secretly. It can’t be used as evidence in court.” 

Alyssa’s body slumped into Jasper’s embrace. It had been a long time since she felt so furious and hopeless. 

Jasper scooped her into his arms, using his hand to steady her 

trembling back. He said calmly, “I understand. Even if I manage to find the accomplice who assisted Sophia in my mother’s murder, I only have a witness. What if I have physical evidence?” 

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