Bride Behind The Mask Chapter 89

Bride Behind The Mask Chapter 89

Chapter 89 

Marguerite’s heart skipped a beat, then she spun around to see her grandma’s l*ps moving with difficulty. “Water. I need a drink.

She seemed uncomfortable because of the tight oxygen mask. Her frail hands were fumbling with the straps.

Marguerite quickly held Laverne’s arm, she felt nervous and excited. “Don’t move, Grandma. Chuck, go get the doctorquick.”

Chuck ran out of the room at her words.

At that moment, the usually silent Frederick walked briskly to Laverne, leaning down to softly ask, “How are you feeling, Grandma? Is there anywhere that’s particularly uncomfortable?”

Laverne slowly shook her head. “I have a headache. Did I sleep for a long time?”

Marguerite, holding Laverine’s hand full of needle marks, nodded repeatedly, tears streaming down her face. “Grandma, you’ve been unconscious for three months. You scared me to death.”

Then several doctors entered the room, forming a wall of people. They surrounded Laverne’s bed, conducting a thorough examination.

Outside the human wall, the Lockwood family members were dumbstruck, feeling both shocked and frightened.

Especially Yuna, she was speechless and numb, as if she had lost her voice and couldn’t utter a word.

How could this happen? She had injected all the sedative into Laverne’s b*dy, choosing the most harmful arterial injection.

How did she not die? Why did she wake up?

It was over. Everything was over.

Grandma would definitely expose that Yuna injected her with drugs

Back then, grandma was watching Yuna stuff her mouth and threatening her, her eyes filled with fear. Grandma would definitely not let her off.

Not only that, her secret of impersonating Marguerite would definitely be exposed.

It was over, completely over.

At that moment, the doctors had finished their thorough examination and removed Laverne’s oxygen mask.

“The patient is all right nowall her b*dy indicators are normal, She will stay in the hospital overnight for observation. If there’s no problem tomorrow, she can be discharged.”

Marguerite quickly expressed her gratitude and, after escorting the doctor out of the ward, hurriedly approached Laverne’s bedside, anxiously asking, “Grandmayou finally woke up. You scared me to death, you know?” 

Laverne stared at Marguerite, “I want to drink water.”

“Alright, I’ll get you some water.”

Before she could finish speaking, Frederick handed a cup of water over. Marguerite quickly raised the back of the bed, allowing grandma to lean against the head of the bed. carefully feeding her the water.

Watching all this, a dark glint flashed in Frederick’s eyes.

Her movements were smooth and natural, and her concern for Laverne was genuine.

Especially the scene at the door of the operating room just now, how could anyone be so upset if not for a loved one?

On the other hand, the three members of the Lockwood family had been standing in a corner, keeping their distance ever since Laverne regained consciousness.

This abnormal behavior made Frederick take a second look.

Yuna’s guilty look caught Frederick’s sharp eyes, and she was so scared that she unconsciously gripped Zoe’s arm tightly.

The family’s faces were as pale as death, apparently prepared for the worst.

But they never expected what was about to happen.

After drinking a cup of water, a touch of color returned to Laverne’s pale cheeks.

“Thank you for taking care of me. Can you bother to get my granddaughter for me? Her name is Yuna and she lives on Cedarbrook Street. I miss her.”

Laverne looked at Marguerite with gratitude, but with a hint of unfamiliarity.

As if she had never seen Marguerite before.

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/3/2023 Native Language: English
Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )" Novel is a subgenre of romance fiction that features a romantic relationship between the main characters, Frederick and Mr. Winston one of whom is a chief executive officer (CEO Frederick and Mr. Winston) or high-ranking corporate executive. Read More Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

He ruled as the powerful and ruthless king of the magnificent realm of Stonebridge, with the ability to shape his fortunes effortlessly. However, fate led him into a carefully planned marriage of convenience with her. While he projected an image of invincibility, keeping others at a distance, deep down, he held her close in his heart, yearning for her both physically and emotionally. "Marguerite, I searched tirelessly for fifteen long years just to find you. Please, I beg you, never leave me again, alright? I love you more than words can express. From the darkest nights to the first light of dawn, from twilight to every season, my love for you knows no bounds." He whispered gentle words of affection and endless declarations of love, wanting to share them all with her. Despite her una*suming appearance, she became the precious and c...  

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Who is Frederick Winston, and what is his role in the story?
    • Frederick Winston is a prominent CEO who plays a central role in the narrative.
  2. What happened between Frederick and the woman during the night?
    • Frederick and the woman engaged in a one-night stand after a company celebration.
  3. Why does Frederick wake up with a splitting headache?
    • Frederick woke up with a headache due to excessive drinking at the company's anniversary celebration.
  4. What surprises Frederick when he sees the woman beside him in bed?
    • Frederick is surprised to find that the woman is n*ked, and her face is partially obscured by her hair.
  5. What does Frederick discover about the woman's condition that shocks him?
    • Frederick is surprised to discover that the woman is a virgin, which he hadn't expected.
  6. What prompts Frederick to want to see the woman's face?
    • Frederick's curiosity and the unusual circumstances lead him to consider brushing away the hair to see the woman's face.
  7. What happens when Frederick tries to leave the room?
    • Frederick notices red stains on the bedsheet, indicating that the woman lost her virginity during their encounter.
  8. How does Frederick react when he realizes he might have taken the woman's virginity?
    • Frederick's expression darkens, but he tries to rationalize that it was just a one-night stand.
  9. What significant item of the woman's does Frederick discover accidentally?
    • Frederick accidentally finds a necklace with a sapphire pendant that appears to belong to the woman.
  10. What does Frederick instruct his a*sistant Chuck to do regarding the necklace and the woman?
    • Frederick asks Chuck to track down the woman for him, hinting that he wants to find out more about her.


In conclusion, the story revolves around Frederick Winston, a CEO who wakes up after a one-night stand with a mysterious woman. His curiosity is piqued when he discovers a necklace belonging to her. Determined to find her, he directs his a*sistant to track her down. This unexpected encounter sets the stage for a captivating and mysterious narrative..


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