Bride Behind The Mask Chapter 86

Bride Behind The Mask Chapter 86

Chapter 86

The moment Yuna got home, she got a call from Chuck, telling everyone to head to Stonebridge Memorial Hospital to see Laverne.

Chuck didn’t want to shock Yuna, so he didn’t mention Laverne’s condition.

But both Yuna and the Ablett couple knew what was going on.

Giving Laverne sedatives was a collective decision.

Yuna didn’t intend to kill her, she just wanted her to be unconscious.

However, halfway through, the old lady woke up and witnessed her actions.

Yuna was frantic and ended up using all the drugs.

She hung up the phone in a panic and burst into tears holding Zoe, “Mom, what do I do?! I killed Laverne! I killed her! Freddie got there so fast, he’ll definitely figure out it was


Zoe and Ablett were shocked and exclaimed in unison, “You killed her?”

Yuna felt helpless and rambled like a lunatic.

“She woke up halfway through. She woke up. I just lost control, and she pleaded with me not to hurt her.

Mom, she knew I was going to hurt her, how could I not panic. I accidentally used up all the drugs. I didn’t mean to kill her.”

Ablett glared at Yuna, roaring. “You troublemaker. Mr. Winston has been keeping an eye on Laverne, now that you’ve killed herare you trying to get us all killed?!”

Ablett was so angry he was about to hit her.

Seeing this, Zoe quickly shielded Yuna, “What are you trying to doAre you going to hit her now? She’s already deadwhat’s the point of saying all this now?”

Ablett was so angry at the mother–daughter duo in front of him that he could feel his chest hurting. He pointed at Zoe and began to scold. “You’re still protecting her, Zoe. She’s killed my mother now. How do you plan on helping her?”

Zoe rolled her eyes at her husband, turned to the trembling Yuna and asked, “Did you clean up the scene before you left? Did you leave any evidence?”

Yuna shrank into Zoe’s arms, “I cleaned up, and I wiped my fingerprints.”

“What about the surveillance? Was your behavior recorded?”

Feeling guilty, Yuna glanced at Ablett and saw that he was still glaring at her. She quickly averted her gaze. “I wore a mask, even if it was recorded, they can’t see my face.”

Zoe felt a weight lift from her heart. “That’s good then, don’t worry, they won’t find anything on you.”

“What if they detect sedatives in Laverne’s b*dy?”

“That’s for the autopsy, they’d have to cut her open, do you think Marguerite can stomach that?” 

Ablett was so angry he nearly pa*sed out, “Keep spoiling her! It’s going to end badly!”

Zoe shot him a look, and snapped at him, “If you’re not going to deal with it, then stop talking nonsense. Get to the hospital. If you’re late, Mr. Winston might get suspicious.”

On the other end, Marguerite was too distraught to answer Frederick’s questions, only crying non–stop, her shoulders shaking, which made the man feel very worried.

He gently lifted her from the cold floor and held her tightly in his arms, which finally steadied her.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.”

Just as he finished speakingthe operating room door was pushed open, Laverne lay on the hospital bed, looking extremely weak.

Marguerite rushed to the bedside, wanting to hold her grandma, but she was covered in tubes, Marguerite could do nothing but call her repeatedly in grief“Grandma… Grandma…”

The nurse looked at Marguerite, “Ms. Marguerite, the patient is out of danger, she’s just in a deep sleep, and she is fine. But she’s very weak now, you need to take care of her.”

Marguerite finally relaxed, tears flooding out uncontrollably.

She thought she was going to lose her grandma.

Frederick stepped forward to help Marguerite up, and together with the nurse, pushed Laverine into the ward.

As their figures gradually faded, Steven and his a*sistant, Janie, left the operating room one after the other.

His gaze flickered, falling on Frederick’s arm wrapped around Marguerite,

Janie’s hands in her pockets, calmly said, “Steven, Marguerite and Frederick, they seem pretty close.”

Steven nodded slightly, his expression inscrutable, making it difficult for anyone to figure out what he was thinking at that moment.

After a while, Marguerite finally calmed down.

She tidied up Laverne’s quilt, then gently wiped her cracked l*ps with a moist cotton swab.

Frederick sat on the sofa behind her, quietly watching everything Marguerite did, his questions growing.

Marguerite calmed down, and her thoughts cleared.

She turned to look at Frederick, and asked directly, “Do you want to ask me about Yuna?” 

Frederick was stunned by her words, he didn’t expect the woman in front of him to be so sharp, to read his emotions and thoughts so accurately.

He realized the relationship between Marguerite and Yuna was not as simple as it seemed.

He looked at Marguerite, and asked softly, “Isn’t Laverne Yuna’s family?”

Marguerite sighed deeply, then slowly walked towards him, “Yuna’s grandma and my grandma, are the same person.”

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/3/2023 Native Language: English
Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )" Novel is a subgenre of romance fiction that features a romantic relationship between the main characters, Frederick and Mr. Winston one of whom is a chief executive officer (CEO Frederick and Mr. Winston) or high-ranking corporate executive. Read More Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

He ruled as the powerful and ruthless king of the magnificent realm of Stonebridge, with the ability to shape his fortunes effortlessly. However, fate led him into a carefully planned marriage of convenience with her. While he projected an image of invincibility, keeping others at a distance, deep down, he held her close in his heart, yearning for her both physically and emotionally. "Marguerite, I searched tirelessly for fifteen long years just to find you. Please, I beg you, never leave me again, alright? I love you more than words can express. From the darkest nights to the first light of dawn, from twilight to every season, my love for you knows no bounds." He whispered gentle words of affection and endless declarations of love, wanting to share them all with her. Despite her una*suming appearance, she became the precious and c...  

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Who is Frederick Winston, and what is his role in the story?
    • Frederick Winston is a prominent CEO who plays a central role in the narrative.
  2. What happened between Frederick and the woman during the night?
    • Frederick and the woman engaged in a one-night stand after a company celebration.
  3. Why does Frederick wake up with a splitting headache?
    • Frederick woke up with a headache due to excessive drinking at the company's anniversary celebration.
  4. What surprises Frederick when he sees the woman beside him in bed?
    • Frederick is surprised to find that the woman is n*ked, and her face is partially obscured by her hair.
  5. What does Frederick discover about the woman's condition that shocks him?
    • Frederick is surprised to discover that the woman is a virgin, which he hadn't expected.
  6. What prompts Frederick to want to see the woman's face?
    • Frederick's curiosity and the unusual circumstances lead him to consider brushing away the hair to see the woman's face.
  7. What happens when Frederick tries to leave the room?
    • Frederick notices red stains on the bedsheet, indicating that the woman lost her virginity during their encounter.
  8. How does Frederick react when he realizes he might have taken the woman's virginity?
    • Frederick's expression darkens, but he tries to rationalize that it was just a one-night stand.
  9. What significant item of the woman's does Frederick discover accidentally?
    • Frederick accidentally finds a necklace with a sapphire pendant that appears to belong to the woman.
  10. What does Frederick instruct his a*sistant Chuck to do regarding the necklace and the woman?
    • Frederick asks Chuck to track down the woman for him, hinting that he wants to find out more about her.


In conclusion, the story revolves around Frederick Winston, a CEO who wakes up after a one-night stand with a mysterious woman. His curiosity is piqued when he discovers a necklace belonging to her. Determined to find her, he directs his a*sistant to track her down. This unexpected encounter sets the stage for a captivating and mysterious narrative..


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