Bride Behind The Mask Chapter 80

Bride Behind The Mask Chapter 80

Chapter 80

In the afternoon, Marguerite took a bus to work at the Winston Group. Having skipped breakfast, she headed straight to the cafeteria with her employee card.

By then, only a few employees were in the cafeteria. Marguerite stood out like a sore thumb.

Nearly everyone was looking at her, their eyes filled with astonishment.

The dress Frederick had chosen for her was a perfect fit. The white dress hugged her slim waist and revealed her beautifully prominent collarbones.

Ignoring that unattractive face and considering just her figure, it was enough to make all her female colleagues envious.

Marguerite had always been a wallflower, always preferring to keep to herself, so all the attention was quite overwhelming.

She ordered a plate of spaghetti Bolognese, found a secluded spot, and ate her meal without lifting her eyes.

When she was the only one left in the cafeteria, her phone buzzed with a message:

“Hey babe, I’ve landed. Expect it’ll take me about half an hour to clear customs. Come get me.”

Her face lit up instantly at the message. She quickly replied, “On my way.”

The sender was none other than Miley Goldie, Marguerite’s best and only friend.

They had both grown up in Marina Shores Village. Both were from poor families, but Miley was the lucky one. Her family hit it big in the lottery and her father took them to Stonebridge City to start a business, which brought in another fortune.

Later, Miley studied abroad. Although they had not seen each other since, they had kept in touch.

When Marguerite was bullied by the Lockwood family and suddenly got married, she wanted to tell Miley about it. But Miley was busy with her graduation and Marguerite wasn’t sure how to explain her chaotic life.

So Miley was clueless about Marguerite’s current situation.

By the time Marguerite arrived at the airport, Miley had been waiting for a while.

She was sitting on her suitcase, enjoying a loll*pop, dressed in a tight pink t–shirt, black shorts, and swinging her legs clad in Doc Martens.

Her sweet looks contrasted sharply with Marguerite’s aloof style. She was clearly a pampered child.

When Marguerite approached Miley, it took her a while to recognize her friend. It wasn’t until Marguerite softly called her “silly” that Miley screamed, “Marguerite? How did you get so ugly?” 

Marguerite went silent.

Miley’s voice was too loud. Marguerite quickly dragged her out of the airport, saying, “I didn’t get ugly.”

“What happened then?”

“I’m wearing a mask.”

Miley looked puzzled: “Have you lost your mind? Take off the mask, you’re scaring me.”

Marguerite quickly hailed a taxi and they left the airport.

After giving the taxi driver the address of her apartment, Miley tried to pull off Marguerite’s mask: “Take it off, will you? It’s stuck so tight.”

Marguerite avoided her: “Stop it. We’ll talk about it over dinner.”

Miley’s apartment was at Diamond Crest Estates, just across from Yuna’s. Upon arriving, they quickly dropped off their luggage and Miley dragged Marguerite to the restaurant downstairs.

After quickly ordering food, Miley asked impatiently, “What on earth happened?”

Marguerite explained succinctly while sipping her drink, “My parents disowned me. They said they only acknowledge Yuna. They don’t want me to look like her, so they made me wear this mask.”

Miley was furious, “They told you to wear it and you just did? Marguerite, can’t you stand up for yourself?” 

Marguerite replied helplessly, “I had no choice, they threatened me with my grandma. I was afraid they’d hurt her.”

Miley pounded her fist on the table, “You’ve been disowned, so theoretically, there shouldn’t be any more interactions. How would your looks affect them?”

Marguerite too was confused.

She had suspected it was because of Frederick, but the timeline didn’t add up.

There was no connection between her and Frederick when they forced her to wear the mask.

Even after she became his wife, everyone knew they were going to divorce in three months. Her real looks posed no threat to them.

Marguerite sighed, “I don’t know either.”

Miley thought for a moment, then leaned in and whispered, “How about I help you find out?”

“How would you do that?”

Miley smirked, “I’m a private detective now. There’s nothing I can’t find out.”

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/3/2023 Native Language: English
Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )" Novel is a subgenre of romance fiction that features a romantic relationship between the main characters, Frederick and Mr. Winston one of whom is a chief executive officer (CEO Frederick and Mr. Winston) or high-ranking corporate executive. Read More Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

He ruled as the powerful and ruthless king of the magnificent realm of Stonebridge, with the ability to shape his fortunes effortlessly. However, fate led him into a carefully planned marriage of convenience with her. While he projected an image of invincibility, keeping others at a distance, deep down, he held her close in his heart, yearning for her both physically and emotionally. "Marguerite, I searched tirelessly for fifteen long years just to find you. Please, I beg you, never leave me again, alright? I love you more than words can express. From the darkest nights to the first light of dawn, from twilight to every season, my love for you knows no bounds." He whispered gentle words of affection and endless declarations of love, wanting to share them all with her. Despite her una*suming appearance, she became the precious and c...  

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Who is Frederick Winston, and what is his role in the story?
    • Frederick Winston is a prominent CEO who plays a central role in the narrative.
  2. What happened between Frederick and the woman during the night?
    • Frederick and the woman engaged in a one-night stand after a company celebration.
  3. Why does Frederick wake up with a splitting headache?
    • Frederick woke up with a headache due to excessive drinking at the company's anniversary celebration.
  4. What surprises Frederick when he sees the woman beside him in bed?
    • Frederick is surprised to find that the woman is n*ked, and her face is partially obscured by her hair.
  5. What does Frederick discover about the woman's condition that shocks him?
    • Frederick is surprised to discover that the woman is a virgin, which he hadn't expected.
  6. What prompts Frederick to want to see the woman's face?
    • Frederick's curiosity and the unusual circumstances lead him to consider brushing away the hair to see the woman's face.
  7. What happens when Frederick tries to leave the room?
    • Frederick notices red stains on the bedsheet, indicating that the woman lost her virginity during their encounter.
  8. How does Frederick react when he realizes he might have taken the woman's virginity?
    • Frederick's expression darkens, but he tries to rationalize that it was just a one-night stand.
  9. What significant item of the woman's does Frederick discover accidentally?
    • Frederick accidentally finds a necklace with a sapphire pendant that appears to belong to the woman.
  10. What does Frederick instruct his a*sistant Chuck to do regarding the necklace and the woman?
    • Frederick asks Chuck to track down the woman for him, hinting that he wants to find out more about her.


In conclusion, the story revolves around Frederick Winston, a CEO who wakes up after a one-night stand with a mysterious woman. His curiosity is piqued when he discovers a necklace belonging to her. Determined to find her, he directs his a*sistant to track her down. This unexpected encounter sets the stage for a captivating and mysterious narrative..


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