Bride Behind The Mask Chapter 75

Bride Behind The Mask Chapter 75

Chapter 75

Upon hearing this. Alison shot a glance at Yuna, but found her standing still as a log.

In frustration, Alison had to drag Yuna over to Marguerite herself and forced her to twirl around a couple of times.

Yuna was livid, her b*dy stiffened as she shouted at Alison, “Get your hands off me! Don’t touch me!”

She was absolutely turning.

Who would’ve thought that the customer who made her lower herself to be a fitting model was none other than the evil Marguerite.

And worse, Marguerite was brought here by Frederick himself.

Not only that but Frederick even flirted with this evil woman right in front of her.

What on earth had Marguerite done to Frederick to get him to pamper her so much?

After being scolded by Yuna, Alison was quite embarra*sed. Worried that this scene would upset Frederick, she quickly apologized with a smile:

“Mr. Winston, Mam, I’m really sorry. She’s new here and doesn’t know the ropes. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Frederick’s handsome face darkened slightly, his brow furrowed, and the frosty aura he radiated made everyone feel pressured.

“Not knowing the ropes? Every industry has its own rules. Teachers educate, doctors save lives, designers can’t plagiarize. And she, since she chose to be a fitting model. should serve the customers diligently. Alison, your models need to work on their temper.”

Frederick’s words hit Yuna like a punch.

The reason he stood up for Yuna yesterday was purely out of old ties and not wanting to make a scene.

But that didn’t mean he would tolerate or forgive Yuna’s plagiarism.

Despite Frederick’s calm tone, it gave off an aura of restrained authority that scared Alison into wringing her hands:

“Absolutely, Mr. Winston, you are correct. Our service indeed needs improvement. We will definitely enhance staff training.”

Alison apologized with an apologetic smile and then asked, “Mr. Winston, Mam, do you still need this dress?”

“Yeah. Of course, we do.”

The one who spoke was none other than Marguerite.

Although Frederick’s attitude towards Yuna suddenly became very severe, which made Marguerite a bit worried. But anyhow, Yuna’s behavior was way too much.

She had hurt her over and over again, and it was high time she struck back.

Marguerite thought to herself and gave Frederick a flirtatious look, saying, “I want all these clothes, and can we buy a few more pairs of shoes as well?”

Seeing the woman’s “need your support” expression, Frederick found it hard to refuse.

His tone was firm yet calm, “Sure.”

Upon hearing this. Alison immediately handed the catalogue back to Marguerite, “Mam, these are all the new items in the store, which ones would you like?”

Marguerite fl*pped through the catalogue, imitating Frederick’s casual gestures and pointed at a few places, “This, this, and these pages, bring them all for me to see. Well, have her try them on for me.”

Saying this, Marguerite pointed at Yuna.

“Mam, no problem. Please wait a moment, I will have our staff prepare the samples for you immediately.”

Alison immediately instructed the staff to prepare the samples.

Yuna had been stunned long before. She felt extremely angry but helpless at the same time.

Frederick’s attitude towards her was so indifferent just now. Clearly, he was still very angry. She worried her resistance would tire Frederick and she would have even less of a chance to win his heart.

Thinking of this, Yuna immediately gave Frederick a pitiful look, her eyes filled with distress, as if she was deeply wronged.

But the man’s attention was not on her at all, Marguerite kept feeding him snacks, obviously trying to rub salt in Yuna’s wound.

Yuna cursed Marguerite as a bitch in her heart.

She would remember this grudge, sooner or later, she would make Marguerite pay.

Soon Neal came up with a huge shoe rack in the elevator. The five–layer rack was full of shoes picked by Marguerite,

Marguerite looked down at Yuna with an air of superiority and ordered in a cold tone, “Try the shoes.”

Yuna was so angry that she was grinding her teeth, her eyes sharp as knives, as if they were going to pierce through Marguerite’s chest.

Alison quickly took a pair of crystal shoes and stuffed them into Yuna’s arms, warning her in a low voice, “Mr. Winston is a famous big shot, if you dare to upset him again, no one can save you. Quick, try the shoes. You can have the dress after that.”



Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/3/2023 Native Language: English
Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )" Novel is a subgenre of romance fiction that features a romantic relationship between the main characters, Frederick and Mr. Winston one of whom is a chief executive officer (CEO Frederick and Mr. Winston) or high-ranking corporate executive. Read More Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

He ruled as the powerful and ruthless king of the magnificent realm of Stonebridge, with the ability to shape his fortunes effortlessly. However, fate led him into a carefully planned marriage of convenience with her. While he projected an image of invincibility, keeping others at a distance, deep down, he held her close in his heart, yearning for her both physically and emotionally. "Marguerite, I searched tirelessly for fifteen long years just to find you. Please, I beg you, never leave me again, alright? I love you more than words can express. From the darkest nights to the first light of dawn, from twilight to every season, my love for you knows no bounds." He whispered gentle words of affection and endless declarations of love, wanting to share them all with her. Despite her una*suming appearance, she became the precious and c...  

Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Who is Frederick Winston, and what is his role in the story?
    • Frederick Winston is a prominent CEO who plays a central role in the narrative.
  2. What happened between Frederick and the woman during the night?
    • Frederick and the woman engaged in a one-night stand after a company celebration.
  3. Why does Frederick wake up with a splitting headache?
    • Frederick woke up with a headache due to excessive drinking at the company's anniversary celebration.
  4. What surprises Frederick when he sees the woman beside him in bed?
    • Frederick is surprised to find that the woman is n*ked, and her face is partially obscured by her hair.
  5. What does Frederick discover about the woman's condition that shocks him?
    • Frederick is surprised to discover that the woman is a virgin, which he hadn't expected.
  6. What prompts Frederick to want to see the woman's face?
    • Frederick's curiosity and the unusual circumstances lead him to consider brushing away the hair to see the woman's face.
  7. What happens when Frederick tries to leave the room?
    • Frederick notices red stains on the bedsheet, indicating that the woman lost her virginity during their encounter.
  8. How does Frederick react when he realizes he might have taken the woman's virginity?
    • Frederick's expression darkens, but he tries to rationalize that it was just a one-night stand.
  9. What significant item of the woman's does Frederick discover accidentally?
    • Frederick accidentally finds a necklace with a sapphire pendant that appears to belong to the woman.
  10. What does Frederick instruct his a*sistant Chuck to do regarding the necklace and the woman?
    • Frederick asks Chuck to track down the woman for him, hinting that he wants to find out more about her.


In conclusion, the story revolves around Frederick Winston, a CEO who wakes up after a one-night stand with a mysterious woman. His curiosity is piqued when he discovers a necklace belonging to her. Determined to find her, he directs his a*sistant to track her down. This unexpected encounter sets the stage for a captivating and mysterious narrative..


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