A Healer’s Journey Chapter 287

A Healer’s Journey Chapter 287

Chapter 287 Overly Friendly 

Cognizant that Stephen had understood, Nathan nodded. 

“Finnegan doesn’t just want the Sable family’s shares, depriving them of their trillion-dollar assets as a backbone. He also wants absolute managerial control over the Regi Group from the Sable family. Only in this way can the Sable family be fundamentally dissolved, never to stir up trouble again!” 

Stephen caught his breath. “Finnegan… is ruthless!” 

Nathan broke into a smile instead. “Who among those who have achieved great things in history isn’t ruthless? Who among them has ever shown mercy to their enemies?” 

Stephen asked, “Grandpa, do you think Reginald could have thought of this?” 

“He could, but he doesn’t want to.” 

Nathan looked toward the setting sun. “Get Adam to tell this to Reginald, as we need to put an end to all this. Also, send a message to Finnegan to tell him not to go too far!” 

Nodding, Stephen went off. 

Before long, Reginald, who was sitting dejectedly at the mansion’s entrance, received a call from Adam. 

Originally, he thought there was hope for a turning point. 

Upon answering the call, Reginald’s face turned completely pale, as if he had been drained of life itself. 

Even after Adam hung up, Reginald was still unable to comprehend what had just happened. 

“Old Mr. Sable, the sun will completely set in a few minutes. Have you made up your mind yet!” 

It wasn’t until Hailey approached that Reginald snapped back to reality. 

All that remained in his eyes were pain, regret, and a sense of denial. 

Seeing his distraught appearance, Hailey asked, “Haven’t you figured it out yet? 

Wiping away the tears streaming down his face, Reginald lost all hope after receiving Adam’s phone call. “Tell Finnegan,” he said, “I, Reginald, am willing to give up thirty percent of the shares and full management rights of Regi Group in exchange for the safety of the Sable family!” 

Hailey’s eyes suddenly narrowed. 

The Sable family is about to fall out of the ten prominent families! 

Nevertheless, Hailey, filled with excitement, immediately turned around to call Finnegan. 

At that moment, Finnegan was in the car with Bernice and did not answer her call. 

The clever Hailey realized that it was inconvenient for Finnegan to talk, so she sent him a message instead, informing him of Reginald’s decision. 


After that, she patiently awaited Finnegan’s response. 

Reginald was also anxiously waiting, fearing that Finnegan would still be unsatisfied. 

As the setting sun completely disappeared from view, Reginald’s anxiety and despair deepened. At that moment, Finnegan responded to Hailey with a text message. 

Upon reading the text message. Hailey muttered under her breath, “He’s ruthless,” She then turned to Reginald, saying, “Mr. Larkin proposes a thirty-five percent stake plus a hundred percent of management rights. Only then can your family save yourselves. If it’s thirty percent stake… you and Mike might be better off dead.” 

Upon hearing these words, Reginald’s pale face instantly turned red. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood before collapsing to the ground. 

Overwhelmed with dejection, all he felt was a sense of despair. 

He gently raised his right hand, speaking weakly. “Tell him that I agree to thirty-five percent!” 

Finnegan quickly received a reply from Hailey Reginald agreed to give up thirty-five percent of his shares and one hundred percent of his management rights. 

Upon reading the message, Finnegan revealed a vibrant smile. He composed a reply: Get in touch with Tiren. Ask her to gather the legal team and finalize the contract. I’ll be there later. 

From that moment, ownership of Regi Group changed hands. 

Seeing Finnegan’s mysterious smile, Bernice couldn’t help but feel curious. “What are you grinning at? You’re acting so creepy.” 

Finnegan’s lips twitched. “That’s an apt description, but let’s not use it again.” 

“What were you just smiling at?” 

“It’s nothing much. I just heard that Regi Group is about to go bust, and I’m a bit pleased.” 

Bernice blinked her eyes and asked, “Did you do something again?” 

Cheekily, Finnegan retorted, “Why would you say that? 

“Your smile has a hint of mischief” 

Unable to resist after hearing such a response from Bernice, Finnegan gently pinched her check. 

The annoyed Bernice protested, “Stop messing around I’m driving. 

Finnegan laughed heartily. “Alright, I’ll stop. We’ll find a hotel to continue later.” 

“Shut up!” 

After that. Finnegan didn’t dwell on the matters of the Sable family anymore. He and Bernice bantered cheerfully all the way to the Zimmerman residence. 

As soon as they got out of the car, they saw Bruce, along with Milicent and the Bishop family, coming to 


greet the 

“Finnegan, welcome!” 

Their warm attitude left Bernice dumbfounded. 

She recalled that when Liam used to come. Bruce never greeted him with so many people. 

However, she, who always thought better of her relatives, didn’t overthink it. Instead, she felt that Bruce and the others had fundamentally accepted Finnegan, acknowledging her relationship with him. 

However, for Finnegan, this only made him more wary 

He never believed that people could change so quickly. 

Unable to tell what was really going on, Finnegan didn’t jump to conclusions as he said. “Old Mr. Zimmerman, Old Mrs. Zimmerman, there’s no need for such formalities. You are our elders. There’s no need for you to come out and greet us.” 

Bruce laughed heartily and said, “This is your first visit to the Zimmerman residence. It’s absolutely necessary. 

Millicent had changed even more, no longer as harsh and sharp as she used to be. 

As if she had a good relationship with Finnegan, she immediately took his hand and said. “Yes, it’s your first time visiting our home, so it’s only natural for us to welcome you. Besides, we would feel guilty if we didn’t welcome you after the way we initially treated you!” 

The more Milicent acted this way, the more Finnegan felt that something was amiss. 

Nonetheless, he didn’t show his suspicions on his face. “You must be kidding. You are Bernie’s family. I would never take it to heart!” 

Finnegan deliberately emphasized the word “family”. 

As if she didn’t catch on, Millicent still beckoned Bishop’s family to step forward and apologize to Finnegan. 

Only Bruce’s expression turned slightly grim. 

Obviously, he knew there was more to Finnegan’s words than met the eye. 

As a result, he couldn’t help but look toward Sapphire with a cold glint in his eyes. 

Unfortunately, Sapphire didn’t feel it. She, along with her husband and children, apologized to Finnegan. The sincere manner they conducted themselves made it seem as if they truly realized their mistake. 

If it weren’t for Finnegan treating them as if they had a hidden agenda, he would have probably been taken in by their actions. 

Precisely because of this, Finnegan became even more wary of them. “Since it’s all in the past, let’s not talk about it anymore.” 

Milicent nodded. “Yes, yes. We’re family now. Let’s not dwell on the past. Come on in. Have a seat!” 



However, Finnegan pulled back his hand that was being held by Milicent. 

Assuming that Finnegan still held a grudge against them. Milicent said. “Finnegan, isn’t all that in the past 


Past your “ss! You guys are behaving in such a friendly manner, so there must be a catch. I’m still on guard against you! 

With a smile, Finnegan looked at Bishop and said. “It’s nothing really. I just haven’t had much chance to chat with Mr. Bishop before, and since we haven’t eaten yet. I thought I might have a private conversation. 

with him.” 

Hearing this. Milicent breathed a sigh of relief. “No problem. You guys go ahead.” 

Bishop scratched his head curiously. “A chat with me? 

Finnegan nodded. “Yes. is it okay?” 

Seeing Milicent giving him a look. Bishop said. “Let’s go to the backyard then 

Finnegan said. “Alright!” 

Before that, he whispered into Bernice’s ear. “Darling. Im going to chat with your uncle. Be careful. Your grandmother has never been so nice to you before, has she?” 


A thought flashed through Bernice’s mind. Understanding what Finnegan she gave a slight nod in acknowledgment. 


A Healer’s Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana) Novel

A Healer’s Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana) Novel

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A Healer's Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana) Novel - In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.

A Healer's Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana) Novel

A Healer's Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana) Novel Read Online Free - In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.

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Title: Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon
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Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
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